Curlabear With Me

Hey gurl heyyyyy. We back. Let’s do this. Review time!

The local product game has been shpopping! It feels so good to have all these options. Considering where we started it’s a great time to be natural 😌

If they don’t know this, they’re too young for you👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽

However a lot of these businesses run online. Shipping fees are never the tea, and especially if the product doesn’t even end up being worth the costs.

And that’s why this review is for Curlabear hair care- is it worth the hype?💁‍♀️

Meet the latest darling to hit the online streets. They currently have the two products in the range, a 🍃 Gentle Clay Cleanse Shampoo🍃 and a 🌾Deep Conditioner Souffle🌾. I am a hoe for bentonite clay so I immediately knew this had to be the one I reviewed.

First things first:

You order via email to inquire about the price/purchase. I purchased both products for R80 on their opening special, plus R65 shipping. I’m really not too sure why they’re a #InboxForPrice situation. Like Insta has the shop tag function now, so prices can be as easy as a tap instead of a “I hope this email finds you well” vibe 👀🤷‍♀️

Gentle Clay Cleanse Shampoo (250ml)

Like I said, bentonite clay is my vibe 🙌🏽. I love how it clarifies my hair and scalp- especially if you’re like me and tend to use a lot of leave-in products, this is perfect to avoid product build-up. The cleanser is super convenient because mixing bentonite clay tends to take time (one word: lumps). So to be able to get the benefits without the mess and effort is great. You don’t need a lot to get the cleansing effect, so I see this bottle lasting a really long time. Definitely a product I recommend if you enjoy clay cleansing. 💪🏽

Is it gentle tho? Honestly my hair was lowkey singing the Somebody Come Get Her song because we did feel a little bit stripped. A teensy bit 👌🏽. Like unless you used glue on your ends, avoid applying it directly on there, this is a scalp only product😅 My hair is naturally quite dry so while this did a great job at cleansing my scalp (& I loved that!) I definitely recommend using a thicc 🍑 deep conditioner after to balance the effects.

Deep Conditioner Souffle (125ml)

Eish this one🙍🏽 They needs to size this guy up because their target market does not use the recommended dime size amount 😂 I wanted to get a fair review so I added my usual Ayurvedic powders (amla and aloe) which usually make a conditioner stretch. Even so, I only got two uses out of it and they were meh 🤕 uses at best.

From my understanding they make small batches at a time so there will be variation between batches. The batch I got was more soup than souffle and just not enough for my hair needs.


Final thoughts: it’s CG approved with clean ingredients and locally made = WIN. Get the clay cleanser stat. It’s a staple for lazy washdays. The conditioner needs some work. Let them refresh the formula👩🏽‍🔬 before you go in with your coin sis 🙆🏽

k bye
xx Sean

Saying No To The CoCo: A Coconut Oil-Free Washday

My struggles with the coco have been well-documented. If you follow me on the socials (because you’re a tres cool person with impeccable taste in shit-posting and memes) then you are well aware of such happenings. I’m not the only one either; our queen Naptural85 also refrains from partaking in the coconut oil hype.



Yes sis. Coco is not necessary for this glow. You heard it here first.

When I first started transitioning I started my product hoe journey. Alas at that point, Dr. Miracles was the only product labelled as ‘for natural hair’ and it was sold right next to their relaxer range.

gretchen wieners

Naturals were the Gretchen Weiners of the hair-care world, imagine.


So I decided to lean into oils and butter because I could find coconut oil a lot easier than I could find Shea Moisture. Plus on a student budget, it suited my pocket a lot better than Shea Moisture! I copped that bucket of coconut oil from Dischem already imagining the full, luscious fro it would bless me with 🤡

Alas, instead of listening to my hair I was listening to the bandwagons of naturals who claim the coco as the secret t the universe, the reason for life as it exists, etc. It smelled amazing. But like Katniss Everdeen, I was secretly a scalp on fire. Coconut oil literally showed me flames! I would get a viciously inflamed scalp and cystic acne on my face. Tres cute, a major look for me as you can imagine.



Me, the idiot circa 2015

So a few months later I realised the error of my ways, the sheer ignorance of my days.😶 Moment of silence for the 2 years it took for my skin to recover from what I did to it 😶 For the longest time I thought I was alone. In reality, there are more and more naturals who have had a negative experience with coconut oil!

raise your hand

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by coconut oil ✋

Finding our tribe is one thing, welcome everyone. Please grab some eats and a cup of tea, because on today’s agenda:

How In The Balls Does One Find Products Without Coconut Oil As An Active Ingredient Because Product Formulators Are Obsessed With That Shit

 It’s simple enough to avoid using pure coconut oil and substitute it with castor oil. However, if a product has enough coconut oil in it, that can also be an issue. So here’s what we finna do, m’kay. We gonna use the power of community to create a safe washday space for those who cannot use coconut oil &/or coconut oil-containing products in their routine. I’m gonna link the ones that have saved my ass here and if you know any other ones, please save a life and add a comment!




Design Essentials Almond & Avocado range – also available in-store at Clicks and has suitable products for most of the above categories

Alrighty, that’s the list of the top of my head. Make these comments pop pls pls!

k bye

xx Sean





A is for Ayurveda

I’m sitting here trying to think of a way to casually slide back up in your mentions without reminding ya’ll that I basically ghosted for like, a whole year.


hehe 👀👉 👈

So I’m just gonna keep going like ain’t nothing happen, and tell ya’ll all about this ayurveda trip I’ve been on. K cool.


Okay sis, ayur-what now? Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. There are several ways to live in accordance to this system including diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.

It might sound like a foreign and fancy concept but I can guarantee that naturalistas have at some point incorporated ayurveda into their regimens. Ever done a scalp massage with coconut oil? Perhaps used natural clays or turmeric to make a DIY face mask? Yo ass was ayurveda-ing gurl!


Go ahead witcho ayurveda self!


Now idk so much about yogic breathing my way to waist length but I can confirm that the herbal treatments are AMAZING for beauty care. If you know anything, it’s that Sean loves her a new product. The Clicks Curls bags are the best/worst thing to happen in my life. I get to try all these different products and that’s always fun!




It’s less fun when your hair starts betraying the cause and shedding like that teddy coat you got at Mr Price last year. I was rotating between wayyyyyyy too many products and my hair was DONE.  Not all products are equal. Different ranges have different ingredients, formulations, pH balances and here I was every washday creating new and heretofore unforeseen concoctions. Babygirl Fro was finna move up and out of this joint, it was all just too much for her. Honestly I can’t even blame her.

My hair thinned out and I turned to Google to try and make peace with Babygirl Fro. In my extensive Googling I stumbled across a lady with a posh British accent and an amazing head of hair: meet Farida Sharma aka CurlyProverbz


Her YouTube channel was and is is my favorite source of ayurveda for natural hair education. Sis has been on this train for years and her results spoke exactly to my hair needs- thicker, healthier hair with basic ingredients and steady routine. Heck, I am the same girl that went full Curly Girl Method for a whole year- I’m always up for a challenge!

Except it wasn’t that much of a challenge. Why I love the ways of ayurveda for haircare is because it fits into your current routine- you don’t have to build a whole new one. You can still use your favourite products, and simply add ayurvedic herbs to boost their benefits.

One of the first DIYs I tried was creating a scalp spritz that would help my chronic dry scalp and encourage follicles to regrow all the hair I shed.



  • Soak the fenugreek in equal parts water and aloe juice for a few hours, depending on the size of your spray bottle. Remember this needs to be stored in the fridge and has a limited shelf life, so don’t make more than about a week’s supply at a time.
  • Strain out the fenugreek solids and to the infused mix add the essential oils and carrier oils.




I use this mix on my scalp about 2-3 times a week and I can see new growth kicking in- mind, I have been doing this for about 3 months now and only for the last 2 have I been properly sticking to the routine. I never learn, I know.

But ya, that’s a basic intro to how I’ve been living since I have left the old #producthoe ways behind me. Drop a comment if you’re down for more DIYs and info on ayurveda for natural hair ❤

k bye

xx Sean




REVIEW: Nilotiqa Deep Moisture Butter

If you follow me on the gram you’re better than everyone else and that’s a fact. No exaggeration 😙


Aside from your amazing good looks you also have access to quality content i.e. how f*kken cold I am in Paarl. This winter has been doing the most to my fro and your girl needed a straight miracle to bless the tress.

giphy (1).gif

When you take your requests to the Lord in prayer and petition and he delivers the goods 🙏😇


The good folk of and Nilotiqa wanted someone to review the Nilotiqa Deep Moisture Butter. I live to serve my squad so I selflessly stepped up to devote my hair and time to giving the people an honest review. You know me, so uninterested in new products. 👀🌝

Now when I do a review I always go in really aggressive. It’s like good cop/bad cop except there is no good cop. People’s hard earned coins are at stake here, we can’t afford to play games.


Kanti money is money, we don’t waste time on products that don’t do the things


Then I opened the jar… unscrewed the lid to a world that smelled like cupcakes and magic. A heavenly cream that took my winter fro from struggling to flourishing in the space of a washday.

Can you blame me for folding though?😍


We stan a multipurpose queen- and boy can this gurl do it!😘 I’m usually quite the stickler for using a product as what it says on the label. If it’s a moisturizing product then I don’t expect it to define my curls. It’s like a primer before make-up; you don’t expect it to be a popping highlighter or anything right?🤷🏽‍♀ If a product has “curl cream’ or “styling” somewhere in the name then that’s where I expect my curls to pop and have lasting hold. In the same way, I wouldn’t expect the styling product to give my hair as much moisture like a leave in conditioner would. This is why I stan the LOC method of layering moisture. Yes Sharon who just uses Curl La La this is a direct drag and you should feel bad for doing such nonsense. 🙄

After that long winded rant I’m about to eat my own words 🙊. This butter works equally as well to moisturize AND define my hair! I honestly think this is the first product that can legit have this claim to fame because it’s so versatile. I truly wonder what magic ingredient formulation these witches of good hair brewed because my hair loved it for both wash and goes and protective styles.

As a self-proclaimed Product Hoe™ it’s important for my products to play well with products from different brands. I know, I know, I ask a lot. But truth is, my ass plays bartender on washdays cocktailing products looking for that perfect pina colada curl combo. The last thing I need is something that curdles, creating white balls. Balls in your hair (white or not) are never fun 🌝


It’s my blog. I get to make the tasteless jokes.


This butter is quite the sociable one, mixing with lots of my other products. I could use it as a curl cream or as a leave in base moisturizer without any residue or flaking occurring.

Online I’ve seen multiple hair textures rave about the brand and I love how we can all share in the bomb hair 💯💞 So yes, maybe you see me as some loose curl hoe acting like she knows what’s what (plot twist: I do 😜 😂) but there are numerous testimonials from curly to kinky loving them some Nilotiqa!

Now to the price point: Its R135 for 200ml. Depending on whether you grocery shop at Woolworths or Checkers you may see this differently; personally as a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper (5688 points and counting), this is more than the usual R120 limit per product I usually spend. Despite my cheapskate ways I fully recommend investing (because you best know that I WILL be repurchasing!). I tend to be heavy-handed with product- especially if I’m using it as a leave-in conditioner- and I’ve since learnt a little goes a LONG way with this stuff. I have been dipping in and out of this tub for three weeks now and it’s still half full. Glass half-full, wallet still in decent shape and fro living it’s best life- is there anything else you can ask for? 👅


Go spend money babes. Treat yo self.



REVIEW- Call Me For Curls

Okay so this has been a review for a long time coming. I’m the worst, I know. Much like that trashboi you keep believing will change, thank you for believing I will post consistently. Unlike that trashboi, I actually love and appreciate you.


But I digress. Today we decide if Call Me For Curls is worth your hard-earned spenderoonies. Call Me For Curls is a local brand created by Rifa B Salvatore. She has fine curly hair and soon realised her fro didn’t want to play nice with any of the store brands she tried.


The struggle is REAL

At some point she got over the ‘guessing-game-trial-and-error-Clicks-3-for-2-take-all-my-money’ method and decided to make her own products. That was a few years ago and when I tried the products back then there were definitely some… sticky moments 👀 🙊The range was really budget friendly, but at that stage you got what you paid for; the products had a very limited shelf life. As a self-proclaimed product hoe, this meant I couldn’t skip between brands every week and thus I couldn’t see CMFC fitting into my regimen.
I rediscovered the brand at the Texture Hair Event held recently, and decided to try out the revamped Call Me For Curls Range.

Deep Treatment (R96 for 200g)


Can someone say THICC! This conditioner is so thick I had to dilute it with water to get a consistency my hair could absorb. Now I’m not hating, because that made the product last so long because I didn’t have to use a lot at a time. Looking at the ingredients I would use this as more a moisturizing treatment rather than a strengthening/protein treatment. My curls felt hydrated after each use, and I found myself consistently reaching for this conditioner as part of my washdays.
Leave-In Conditioner (R96 for 200g)


Okay I’ll be real. Again this required diluting but that might be because I prefer more slip when I use a leave-in. It definitely still moisturized my hair but the application and feel of the product wasn’t my favorite. If you’re a natural who prefers thick butters over thinner, liquid-y leave-ins, then I think you’ve found your next holy grail. It also double duties as a body lotion, so there’s zero excuse to be an Ashy Ashley this winter!


Save yourself from this shame 🤣

Seeing the evolution of CMFC has left me with a soft spot for this #localislekker brand. Also I just tried these two products but they have more haircare as well as skincare available. Its:

  • Budget friendly
  • Natural ingredients (she has ingredients available on request, so the Curly Girl stans can check that everything is #CGFriendly)
  • Stores for a long time
  • Mixes well with other products

If you’re a student looking to try something new (or an adult on a budget because financial goals are a thing #hustlehuntyyy), this is definitely an option to keep your fro looking boujee 💁🏾‍♀️


CMFC doing the mo(i)st for the fro 💦💦💦

Get you some CMFC goodness here:


Vana Get Real With Me?

Yello beeps!

We’s baaaack with some of this and some of that, all the good stuff- and today we finna get very honest.


Yep, even more than that time we discussed birth control. Prepare your body.

So I was sent this product called the Vana Naturals Everything Butter. It retails at R120 for 100ml of a delightfully fluffy, melting-into-moisturizing goodness. It is organic, and contains a blend of deliciousness including shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil and vanilla essential oil. Even the way its packaged will make you want to sneak a lil taste:



Now as with all products containing coconut oil, I did a young patch test just to see if my skin would freak out on me 🙄 True to form, anywhere near my face would cause a pimple because my skin is petty like that. However I found that the as long as I avoided areas prone to clogged pores (such as my face, neck and back)…–gets distracted and starts singing Khia’s classic ditty MY NECK< MY BACK< NOTGONNATYPETHERESTCOSITSNASTYANDIMNOTTRYNABETHATWAYHERELOL–


Okay we’re back to regular programming. I figured I could use the butter as long as there was no contact to those areas without trouble. I first used it as part of my washday to seal my wash and go. I applied a small amount to parts that tend to get frizzy and dry quickly, focusing on the ends. My wash and go was soft and my hair was shinier than normal- the butter definitely did the things!


#20ShineTeen 😍

But it’s an Everything Butter: hair isn’t exactly everything. Given my sensitivity to coconut oil, I decided to use it on my feet every night. I’m a Durban child and we have this tendency to wear flip-flops EVERYWHERE. I have the V-shaped tan line and alles 😂 Plus my feet tend to get reaally dry. Like No Country For Old Men dry. Once an SO saw my feet when I was too lazy to lotion all the way down (we have all been there, hold your judgement 👀) and was truly shocked at how dry they were. Needless to say, I made sure to always moisturize the feet from that day 🦶 Calluses and cracked heels are my portion if I don’t apply something, so I decided to try Vana as my something. It did an excellent job! My feet are now supple and soft, but it went one step further:


                                               It fixed my janky toenail!

We’re not going to discuss how my nail got to this point. It’s a long and sad tale for another post XD But it is the only one that is flaky, softish, dry and generally weird. It’s the reason why I only wore open-toed shoes if I had nail polish on, because this toe would scare young children if I walked around displaying it. I tried everything to fix it but it never grew out normally, until now. I don’t have to hide my naked feet. They can flash everyone as they please. This is the dream. I’m planning a thanksgiving dinner at the church to praise God for this miracle. Okay maybe not a whole thanksgiving dinner, but I’m still super grateful I no longer have the big toe of a troll.

So this truly is head-to-toe an everything butter! What would you like to use some Vana goodness on?


Sean 🙂


Exclusive/Inclusive (Honest Review of AJ Curls, Cocktails & Cabanas)

So if you have your provincial colours in being a naturalista, you’d have seen the promos for Aunt Jackie’s Curls, Cocktails & Cabanas. Now from the outset I must state that I’m not out to be shady because we are too damn old for those high school ‘you can’t sit with us’ vibes- I just know my readers expect my total honesty so I’m always gonna keep it 100 🙌🏾


Only serving that real talk and love here sis

From the time I heard about this event, something in me felt… unsettled. The basic premise of the event was getting a chance to party with your favorite naturalista bloggers and live your best life- except you couldn’t buy tickets. If you wanted to party it up with those influencer babes, you had to jump through hoops to WIN tickets.


Even me I was tooked several steps back

From a marketing perspective it is absolutely genius. You promote your event, expose your ambassadors, get the association with established influencers so their followers get to see your brand, and generate web traffic stats to rival Joburg at peak hour on Monday morning.


Meet Erica, the brand coordinator behind Aunt Jackie’s. You’re doing amazing gyal, gotta hand it to you!

There’s two sides to every story though. Personally I have always loved events because it meant meeting and bonding with naturalistas I usually only communicate with in the DMs- so scandalous 😉 Additionally I’m an awkward penguin- I much prefer making genuine connections between naturals than hobnobbing with influencers because eish…  this Durban girl likes her KFC over Coq au Vin, and it’s painfully obvious sometimes XD


I found the snack table and stayed there a long time #OnlyGodCanJudgeMe

The fact that you couldn’t buy tickets, and that it was billed as #exclusivebiyatchmkay really felt contradictory to the spirit of natural hair. With these natural moghels I found a family- acceptance on every level, open to everyone no matter what your texture or type. An event not open to the public?


Oh honey what is you doooiiing?

I was invited by my boo @joshuathenatural (if you don’t already know this mans, go follow and change your life k tnx) as his plus one on a ticket he won. Now I was already in my feelings because of the  💁exclusivity dahling 💁 vibes but mans made a convincing case (i.e bribed with promises of a goodie bag and snacks, I’m weak I know) so off we went.

Now this is where thangs get interesting! Me and homeboy pull up expecting tea and shenanigans- only to be met with naturalistas glowing and hugs flowing! The event itself felt refreshing and not as formal as these shindigs usually go. Aunt Jackie’s did not come to play ☝️


And thats the tea sis

Every one of the ticket winners made that event POP! I finally got the chance to connect with all the CT humans that I only really know via the interwebs (PS they are all the and not once did I feel like an awkward penguin. Okay maybe when the twerk song was on, me and my useless dance moves embarrassed my family name, but that’s all XD


Is it too cheesy to be like #loveliveshere?

I’ll upload the full album to FB, click here to see all the goings on because you’re like me and like things. A final word- of all the snacks they served (not counting the snackable naturals present ofc), your girl got served a big slice of humble pie. I have learnt my lesson- no matter what, a crowd of natural women who truly support each other will always make you feel welcome!

k bye xx


Review: Amara Natural Hair & Beauty

Would you look at that- I’m actually doing a review again!


Me too guys, me too.

I’m just finna get straight to the deets. Mainly because ya’ll have to find it in your hearts to forgive my absence and that takes time so 🤷🏾‍♀️ Payday and birthday coincided so I decided to embrace the #treatyoself atmosphere and order some hair products that I haven’t tried before. I got me:


Clockwise from top left: Organic Rosewater Hydrating Hair Spritzer, Strengthening & Hydrating Deep Conditioner, Avocado Hydrating Butter, Flaxseed Curling & Hydrating Pudding

I wanted to use the entire range altogether like some fancy bish,  which is why I got what I thought would be a decent LOC trio, plus a deep conditioner. The range is developed and made by Maxine Arnold, the OG momma of natural hair for us Durban girls. She is a founder of the popular It’s All Natural Facebook group which provides support for thousands of naturals all across the world. Basically she knows her stuff, so I had really high expectations for this range!

2in1 Strengthening & Hydrating Deep Conditioner (R150 for 175ml)

You know when you use a product and as you’re using it you’re planning your next refill? That was me applying this treatment! As far as I have been informed all the products are silicone-free. It’s really tough to find a deep conditioner or protein treatment that is Curly Girl safe, so to find a 2in1 balanced treatment is a gift 😍




Avocado Hydrating Butter (R90 for 175g)

MMMKAY. So this is where I derailed a little bit. I usually apply a hydrating product to soaking wet hair after rinsing out my conditioner. This provides my hair with the most moisture and ensures my product applies+absorbs better.  This did NOT go the way I expected and I had to abandon ship quickety-quick.


The texture is quite hard, and it needs to be melted down before use. I think for use on damp hair, this would be an excellent base for twist-outs and bantu knots. Just don’t attempt to makeshift this as a leave-in conditioner 😂

Flaxseed Curling & Hydrating Pudding (R90 for 250ml)

Ngl this range kept me on my toes! After the breakdown in communications with the Avocado Butter, I reached for my usual leave-in conditioner because I do not believe in a wash and go without this step. BUT WOW WAS THIS PUDDING FUSSY AF! It does not mix with anythinggggggg and at this point it had me all the way messed up


Me as I stood there with white balls of curdled product all up in my hair 😐

So I hopped my butt back in the shower and rinsed it all off. I was gonna attempt something I swore I’d never do: The One Product Wash&Go. I spritzed on some of that Rose Water  (R70 for 100ml) for luck and then went in with the flaxseed pudding.



ONE PRODUCT WASH AND GO! *eats humble pie with her bomb hair*

This was day 2 hair- the definition lasted until day 4 without any major refresh needed #shookington. I didn’t experience as much shrinkage as normal, but I sacrificed some volume for that. My hair stayed moisturized as if I had used my usual LOC method. The pudding added shine, with a strong hold- I scrunched out any crunchy parts with a spritz of rose water.

I have an entire blog about why only using a styling product weekly isn’t a great idea in the long term- but I don’t think this flaxseed pudding is simply just a styling product! My hair is always struggling with dryness, and this kept it hydrated for days💦💦 I would defs keep this on hand for when I’m travelling and don’t want to carry a lot of products with me.

Have you tried the Amara Naturals range yet? Comment your thoughts below!

k bye

xx Sean

Review: Kafui Naturals + A Whole Giveaway!

Hi peoples of the natural inclination!

If Eminem can come back this late in 2018 then so can I- yup, it’s an 🕺🏽 OG-no-holds-barred-honest-AF Sean Goes Natural product review 🕺🏽


Kafui Naturals is the brainchild of one Kafui Awoonor. She is a gorgeous naturalista who decided to create her own hair products that didn’t contain any added chemicals/preservatives. Being Ghanaian, she was familiar with the magic of shea butter- & bless her for letting us in on the secret 😍 Essentially its a range that cares for African hair and skin with ingredients of Africa, and I am all sorts of here for that!

Kafui Naturals includes products that can be used for both hair and skin care #getyouagirlthatcandoboth 💁‍♀️ The products that I tried out were:


Tbh I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the magic of African black soap. I mean just look at the situation in Ghana, they got the skincare KEYS 🔑🔑🔑


“Hi 911 I’d like to report my wig missing, and my edges snatched tnx”

I prefer the solid form of black soap, but the bottled liquid was much more convenient for travelling and (I very grudgingly admit) more hygienic given that you’re not rubbing your hands all over it like a soap bar 🙈🙈 It’s a cleanser that uses ash instead of harsh sulphates, which your skin and fro will thank you for!


Okay so we have poured the tea on clay masks and how amazing they are for your hair. This mix of bentonite and rhassoul clay clarified my scalp and hair without leaving it stripped of natural oils. As a bonus it took half the usual amount of time, because the mask is so conveniently mixed- just massage it in, and rinse off all that build up. A must-have if you are an unfortunate soul afflicted by dandruff and other scalp issues #poursclayoutforthesnowyhomies


Dat natural clay goodness gotchu gyal, don’t stress

This is a shea butter whipped up with all the yumminess of coconut oil, flaxseed and argan oil to name only a few. I used it as a sealing butter when doing twists and this WINTERFIED my hair like nobody’s business! Usually after winter my ends get really dry and create those pesky single strand knots 😒 This winter however, my ends are still moisturized and curling well- a sign that the fro is happy.


💖 Moisturized hair = Happy Sean 💖

This was my absolute favorite out of all the products I tried GUYYYYYYS ITS AMAZEBALLS! My skin is so fussy that I can’t use oils directly on my scalp 🤦🏽 Oil causes build-up on my scalp and my forehead breaks out in spots because life is fair like that. This product has all the benefits of oil and is great for scalp massages without clogging your pores. It has ALL the good stuff for #longhairdontcare like Jamaican black castor oil, aloe vera and essential oils for healthy hair growth.

jenelle monae dance

Looking at the growth like 💃🏽

I used it mainly as a scalp spray, as well as on the fro for a moisture boost during the week. It is light enough for daily use and doesn’t create crazy build-up. You also get to smell like a bakery item of deliciousness, and who would be mad at that? ❤

Hopefully at the end of all dis ranting you’re hella keens to try the goods- and if you are, you should drop a comment and let me know which product in the range you’re the MOST ready to have in your life. Keep an eye on the socials for a chance to win! 😘😘😘😘😘

k bye

xx Sean