Are You Making This Hair Mistake?

Yaaaas I know how dramatic that title sounds- but I have noticed too many of us making the same mistake on the Facebooks and Instagrams lately 👀 Sooooo of course it’s time to fix our damn lives!


Even bad hair practices they are here Mama  (consider this is your sign on how to handle these things  👐) #JuliusMalemaChallenge

Basically we all know our naturally coily kinky curly hair LOVES moisture. Water is our tight mate, and makes the texture pop- but the trouble is getting the moisture in and keeping it there 💩


Natural hair looking for moisture like

This is where the LOC method comes in. Whether you’re doing a wash and go, twirling in a two-strand twist, finessing them finger coils, doing the things that make the pots to be done etc- at end of the day, this method of layering products is the key to maintaining the moisture in your hair.

Leave-In/Liquid– this is an unskippable step in the method. Yes, you heard me: UNSKIPPABLE! You washed your hair, the water got in it, you got that moisture yaas gyal: but like, would you skip lotion after a shower?


Ashy is not a good look 😝

In the same way, our hair requires a good leave-in conditioner to stay soft and juicy. Depending on your hair texture and porosity, it can be as light or as heavy as you prefer. Thereafter you can go in with your preferred styling products to define your natural gifts in your chosen style. Whether you use it LOC or LCO, it’s clear one thing stays pretty much first!

Oil– Seals in the moisture so it doesn’t evaporate from the hair during drying.

Cream- Will define curls and coils as required, thus a styling product like a ‘curl cream’.

I am calling this out particularly, because I used to be this human while I was transitioning- I did not know the giant difference between a moisturizing product and a styling product. For example, a product I think we’ve all tried at some point is Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard. This is a product best suited to styling and defining hair. Using this alone is actually doing our kinks a disservice in the long run- not because it’s a bad product, but because it’s not made for the purpose of maintaining moisture on it’s own.

download (1).jpg

Simply using a bit of Aunt Jackie’s Quench Leave-In Conditioner before doing the Curl La La thangs made such a difference to my hair.


Yes, I like how my wash and go looks when it’s big and defined. However I won’t compromise on healthy hair just for ~lewks~. Trust fam, when your hair is healthy it really does show off and do the most anyway 😙 Do the things, and your hair will thank you 🙋

Did you make this mistake too? I’d love to hear your thoughts, hmu in the comments/Facebook/Instagram!

k bye

xx Sean


REVIEW- Caivil Naturals

Hey y’all!

As you might already know, Clicks Curls blessed me with a gigantic goodie bag filled with all the things that will tempt even the most reformed of product hoes back into her old ways.


Looking at new products like😋

So expect a lot of product reviews- and ya’ll KNOW it will always be completely honest, ‘cuz ain’t nobody got money to waste on trash products 🙅 This is what I tried this week:


My first impressions from the range were actually a pleasantly surprised sort of vibe- for the price, I really didn’t have high expectations with regard to ingredients and stuff. However the Caivil peeps seem to know their stuff (kinda sorta 😆) with the range being sulphate and paraben free.


The shampoo was great. Being sulphate-free, it didn’t foam as much as usual shampoo but its definitely soapy and cleansed my scalp and hair really well. My hair was not left dried out. I think this is because the cleanser used (brace yourself) cocoamidopropyl betaine is actually derived from coconuts- followed by glycerine, marula seed oil and other bomb thangs, it’s no wonder this shampoo is doing the most.

Okay so I didn’t get the conditioner, so I just used something I had in the bathroom and then followed up with the Marula Oil Leave In Masque to style. I applied this to my hair while it was wet. That’s totally optional btw, I just find my hair responds to stuff better this way, a tip from Cape Town Curly 😄 This was like… avvies. It did keep moisture in my hair- however I used a lot (it was like my hair kept sucking it all up 😕) and it didn’t do much in the way of defining my curls.

The Scalp Soothing & Hair Nourishing Spray I used as a sealant, spraying it on after the Leave In Masque. Peppermint and marula oil are the 6th and 7th ingredients respectively, so idk how convinced I am about the ingredients.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

After applying the goods, repping my old high school #LASEC #scienceisfun #betterscienceismorefun #srslythatswhatitsays

FINAL VERDICT: I’ll definitely be repurchasing the shampoo, because its a great quality sulphate free shampoo for a super low price. There are definitely better styling products on the market, though these are decent for just basic moisture retention purposes. If you’re a natural on a budget and who keeps her hair tied up anyway, then this is definitely a strong option. Just don’t try a twist out or some ish tho, there’s no hold here 👀

k bye

xx Sean


‘Tis The Season To Be Natural!

What it do my natural beyps! 💙
It’s been a damn long while, I know! But at last the semester from hell is over and I can get back to being happy and connecting with you guys again. It’s been far too long. Blame UKZN. No lie, it tried it’s best to kill me this year 👀

Tfw when uni is over but you’re still alive XD

Okay so this blog is to tell you about all the natural hair events happening #KeDezemba 🙌 The South African curlies are being blessed with these amazing natural hair events- can I get a damn amen?! Seriously, the organisers of each are pulling out all the stops to make these jols *white guy voice* fokken kiff bru 👌

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Yes you read right, Durban is actually doing a thing 😮 Led by the talented Celeste Samuels (and I mean talented, she can do things to hair I’ve never even imagined🔥) who also owns the Hair Unit natural hair salon, a Naturals Pool Party is coming your way. I mean, it’s only right that Durban rub our amazing weather in the face of the rest of the country- to make up for the humidity that ruins good hair days XD  Come through with that natural glow and swim without worries of mincing that GHD do 🌚 #noshade #justsayingnje #naturalgehlscanswim #essentiallywearemermaids
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: 43 Assembly Road, The Bluff
Time: 13:00- 20:00
Damage: R150 pp
Goodie bag: HELLS YES!
Tickets @: 081 477 9989 (Celeste Samuels)



Of course our inland girls aren’t sleeping either 💅Make your way to the Natural Hair Meet & Greet and get turnt on natural hair chat. Hosted by Nica (@naturally_nica) & Bianca (@BieWendyGallardo) you know this one is gonna be lit 🔥
Date: 16 December 2017
Venue: Union Building, Pretoria
Time: 11:00- 14:00
Damage: Dololo mogehl, just go for free 😀
Goodie bag: Nah, but vendors are there and giveaways will be a haps 😉
Tickets @: Just come through, no ticket needed!




But Cape Town, do you guys ever even sleep?It’s just one fire event after the next!  The second annual Cape Town Naturally Hair Fest is gonna be the event of the year, and a little birdy told me it’s gonna be bigger and better than the last one 😉
Organized by the tour de force team behind the Cape Town Naturally Support Group, it’s a celebration of all things natural hair- plus you get to party with the Ayatolla of Naturolla (#terriblepunsareback) Amanda aka Cape Town Curly! 💃
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: Canvas Event Space
Time: 11:00- 17:00
Damage: R85 standard, R120 spayshal edition
Goodie bag: I Cantu emphasize enough how bomb this swag bag is gonna be!
There you have it, the naturalista’s gig guide for the best December your fro will ever have 👆  If you’re attending any of these, let us know what you’re most amped for in the comments (you know I can’t resist when you girls talk hair with me 😋)
Also keep an eye out on the Sean Goes Natural media pages- a young giveaway is brewing for my fellow likers of free things *cough* Cape Town, I’m talking to you *cough cough* 😉
k bye
xx Sean

Fro Fiesta Feels

Okay so if you’re not part of the It’s All Natural Facebook group then you need to go there first so you fully understand why this post is as overexcited as a basic girl in a Starbucks!

Have you joined? Okay cool, let’s continue😄

The group, created by the brother and sister natural hair fairy godparents Bryce and Maxine Arnold, is a one-stop shop for all your natural hair needs. Detangling, breakage, transitioning, deep conditioning, THEY 👐 GOTCHU 👐 FAM 👐 Safe to say, I spend a lot of time on there and have made internet curlfriends with so many of the gorgeous members. That is why when Maxine announced that the Fro Fiesta Natural Hair Meet-Up was happening, I was all in my feels!

Related image

Actual footage of me running to get tickets

It was held at a fancy shmancy hotel on the beachfront, which was great because the humidity meant my hair would actually have volume for a change. Yes, all venues are judged according to how my hair will look there, its a natural girl thing 👸

This year there was a mini-market in addition to the inspiring frogram (see what I did there XD). Obviously I am now broke, but my fro is fleeking from all the products I bought so I’d say its a fair trade #priorities #frobeforefood 😆  Things purchased aside, the goodie bag was a highlight of NOTE 😀 ❤


Look at all these bomb goodies #ICantuDeal ❤

Local was proudly supported with everyone from The Perfect Hair to TRU: The Pop-Up being there giving the naturals some goodness. The frogram was flames, and nobody could claim boredom with all the talent on show! Celeste the vocalist had me singing Corinne Bailey Rae long after the event had ended (apologies to my housemates XD)

jenelle monae dance.gif

Literally everyone that day XD

Okay so I’m going to stop yammering about this and just let the pictures speak for themselves! Once again, It’s All Natural has made us all awkward by actually bringing us all in the same room and having to remember not to call people by their full Facebook name XD #JOKES It was another amazing day of meeting natural sisters and celebrating our natural hair together ❤

Check out my Facebook page for all the pictures from the day 🙂 Don’t be shy, send me pictures if you want me to add to the album!

k bye

Sean xx

PS- I think the following picture accurately describes the entire day 😀


And the church of naturals says “amen” 😛

A Three-way with TRESemme ;)

So when Tresemme Naturals left our shelves we were all pretty heartbroken- at the time, it was one of the few ‘for  natural hair’ brands we could get. If you haven’t noticed by now (srsly are you a time traveller stuck in 1820’s London) TRESemme Naturals is back under the sexier new name TRESemme Botaniques!


The French name just gives it the ~something~ 😪

Comparing the new Botaniques range to the previous Naturals range, it’s basically the same: no parabens, silicones or dyes and the shampoo has reduced sulphates. TrESemme being a more mainstream haircare brand, I was curious to see how well the new range worked on different hair textures so I arranged for a ménage à trois of sorts to really get up close and personal with its capabilities 😉

Image result for exaggerated wink gif

Gettin’ sexy up in hereeeeee



Curl Type: A wilder type 3, not as well-behaved as the category suggests XD

First Impressions: I used it on a washday when my hair was really in a bad state from neglect during the week #lazynatural+campusdemands=crappycurls 😦 So this really shocked me with how well it worked! The reduced sulphate shampoo provided just the right amount of cleansing my fro needed after all the build-up. I legit could detangle from the slip of the shampoo alone  😮 The conditioner is the perfect level between moisturizing and detangling, and my hair was softly defined after using it. Botaniques is infused with coconut milk and aloe vera, so I’ve been walking around smelling like I drink pina coladas and get caught in the rain 🍸🌴


New hair who dis?


Name:  Lyndell Captain

Curl Type: 3a /3b high porosity very prone to frizz!

First Impressions: TRESemme, what can I say, you had me from the start! When I first received the pack, it was with much excitement after my lovely friend Sean Moodley hyped up this secret package and review that I was about to be a part of! Anyone who knows me, knows I love surprises, and I loved this one. I was immediately taken by the packaging, and love the green sheen of the shampoo bottle (there’s just something about it that makes me feel like natural royalty 👑). I was initially unsure of how it might smell because of the combo of ingredients , but was pleasantly surprised by the way it did. The sweet scent was definitely a win and I particularly enjoyed that the smell remained with me for a while after washing. I liked the thickness of the shampoo and how much it lathered. It did leave my hair feeling slightly brittle – as is expected of a shampoo with sulphates – but this was considerably less than normal . The conditioner left my hair feeling amazingly soft so all worries and feeling of brittleness were forgotten. I did wonder how someone with a tighter curl pattern and low porosity hair might find it, as the conditioner did feel a bit thin. I decided to not go my normal product route to see how effective it would be – and just used a leave in and coconut oil. Three days later and it’s still soft and relatively clean. I usually have to wash within 3 days again, so this is a welcome relief. Overall I really enjoyed using this product, and am REALLY impressed with TRESemme for expanding their range and making an effort to cater for women with natural, kinky, curly, coily and wavy hair – one of the only leading brands to do so. Big ups TRESemme, I look forward to seeing what you do next! Till the next wash day 😉


After a flexi rod set, curls feeling soft and full of life!


Name:  Boitumelo

Curl Type: tightly curled, small curls (4c). Hair shrinks to about 70% after every wash and looks shorter until I stretch it.

First Impressions: Well, the shampoo didn’t turn out to be what I expected it to be, as it was pretty much the same as my regular shampoo. The conditioner however is a definite winner! My detangling time was shortened as it had good slip, and it was very moisturizing. I noticed after that the amount of hair shed was a lot less than usual so it definitely takes care of tangles well. Overall my hair feels thicker, softer and moisturized. The scent is amazing, and I like that it lingers long after you’ve used the products. I will definitely be getting me some of this creamy magic again!


The shrinkage is usually a good indicator that my hair is sufficiently moisturized 🙂

So the shampoo has mixed reviews, but the conditioner is a winner for hair types from curly to kinky 🙂 TRESemmé BOTANIQUE is now available at leading retailers nationwide for RSP R79.99, 750ml each.

Image result for its too big beyonce ego gif

Big bottles got us like XD

k bye

Sean xx

Terms & Condition(er)

Okay, so we all been here long enough to realise that using products designed specifically for our natural hair is better for it. It took me a while but I am officially a sulphate-free shampoo fan, and co-washing is bae (seriously, the best thing for mini wash days in between actual wash days). Recently we’ve been spoilt for choice in SA because of all the different local and international hair care brands expanding to our shores (AT BLOODY LAST #justsaying 😗).  Which is all great except that most of it does not come cheap 👀 For stuff like shampoo and styling products I’m willing to pay for because I don’t use those up in a hurry, so it’s worth paying R90+ for the month. Now conditioner on the other hand…


Story of our lives XD

It can’t be just me who is using the current rand-dollar exchange rate to estimate the recommended “dime-size amount” of conditioner… at least I hope I’m not alone! I have been blessed with incredible amounts of natural frizz and it takes a lot of conditioner to tame the beast. Thus even though buying the matching natural hair appropriate 250ml conditioner for R90+ feels great- like when your bra matches your undies and you feel incredibly put together 🙋- it just does not last long enough to justify the price.

So I am officially claiming my shade, I use cheap conditioner! And recently I have found two that I quite enjoy. The first one is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner which often goes on special at Clicks.  I got them on a 2 for R62 special and they were especially great for detangling because they had lots of slip.

No automatic alt text available.

The next one is a sort of blast from the past. I remember my mom using the Protein Feed range on my hair as a child but it was only recently that I saw it repackaged on the shelf of Checkers (yes, Checkers)… FOR R29!

Image result for checkers protein feed conditioner

750ml of goodness ❤


It is a lot thicker than I expected but it brings the moisture for sure 💦 💦 💦 💦 My hair felt soft and it encouraged clumping too. Plus at the price vs. the size I did not feel a spot of guilt about using as much as I wanted. I bought one bottle to try, and now I have one bottle placed everywhere I sleep over ‘for emergencies’ XD #practicalthinking #ImsorryifIboughtallofit #butImnotgivingyoumine #eventhoughIhave3bottles

I think I’m good until the end of the month now #jokes XD But these are defs steals, and I can’t be keeping this info on the down low because we all deserve to eat meat this month for a change 😆 Let us in on your favorite bargain buys in the comments, Facebook or Insta 🙂

k bye

xx Sean