For a Durban girl, a trip to Cape Town would not have been complete without getting me some Curl Chemistry. The brainchild of curly girl Liesl Singer, it’s slowly but surely become the gotta-have product that everyone on the local forums is raving about. Ya’ll know me and my product hoe ways, I have close to zero self-control when it comes to hair products #pleasehelp #jokes #hoeislife


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Take a walk down memory lane with me back to the days when only Dr. Miracles was the OG natural hair brand we could get here. Everyone remember this?


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This was a staple part of my wash-&-go routine for the longest time before it sort of faded away from the shelves of Clicks. Needless to say I was pretty bummed because it gave gorgeous definition without crunch. It was great especially during my transitioning phase because my straggly Gollum-hair ends needed all the help they could get to blend with the virgin growth “:D The only thing was that intense aloe smell *gags* I don’t mind a hint of it, but that was way too cloying and aggressive.

Returning to the present times I think Curl Chemistry is the replacement to that we’ve been waiting for! MINUS THE CHOKING SMELL NOGAL! (I say ‘nogal’ now because I’ve been to Cape Town 😛 XD). I’ll be real I never got the pomegranate scent most people were singing about, but the same cannot be said for the man in my life who could not stop sniffing me XD As far as I could tell it is formulated as an oil-in-cream, so I forgo the usual olive sealing oil to avert danger of resembling amagwinya. My curls were light, fluffy and lasted for 3 days. Even afterward my hair did not feel dry because the product is so durable.


The fluffy frobulous results ❤

As much as my hair loved this product, my skin was not so happy.  For the normal people who do not have a useless coconut oil sensitivity (like me) this bodes well as that means there is a high enough coconut oil content for my skin to react- i.e. you’re getting a quality product with actual natural ingredients. In the spirit of full disclosure, it didn’t hold up too well on really humid Durban days 😦 But seeing as the rest of the country prefers to drink instead of breathe their water XD I fully recommend this for naturals in drier climates 🙂

It’s definitely more affordable than the good Dr at R90 a tub XD Plus Liesl has recently expanded the range to include a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, so your whole washday can be proudly local 🙂 There are representatives all across the Cape area so I say give it a try if you can. Curl Chemistry is legit another local brand that will keep the international competitors on their toes!

Shout out in the comments, on Facebook or Insta with your Curl Chemistry thoughts, I’d love to hear them ❤

k bye

Sean xx


Terms & Condition(er)

Okay, so we all been here long enough to realise that using products designed specifically for our natural hair is better for it. It took me a while but I am officially a sulphate-free shampoo fan, and co-washing is bae (seriously, the best thing for mini wash days in between actual wash days). Recently we’ve been spoilt for choice in SA because of all the different local and international hair care brands expanding to our shores (AT BLOODY LAST #justsaying 😗).  Which is all great except that most of it does not come cheap 👀 For stuff like shampoo and styling products I’m willing to pay for because I don’t use those up in a hurry, so it’s worth paying R90+ for the month. Now conditioner on the other hand…


Story of our lives XD

It can’t be just me who is using the current rand-dollar exchange rate to estimate the recommended “dime-size amount” of conditioner… at least I hope I’m not alone! I have been blessed with incredible amounts of natural frizz and it takes a lot of conditioner to tame the beast. Thus even though buying the matching natural hair appropriate 250ml conditioner for R90+ feels great- like when your bra matches your undies and you feel incredibly put together 🙋- it just does not last long enough to justify the price.

So I am officially claiming my shade, I use cheap conditioner! And recently I have found two that I quite enjoy. The first one is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner which often goes on special at Clicks.  I got them on a 2 for R62 special and they were especially great for detangling because they had lots of slip.

No automatic alt text available.

The next one is a sort of blast from the past. I remember my mom using the Protein Feed range on my hair as a child but it was only recently that I saw it repackaged on the shelf of Checkers (yes, Checkers)… FOR R29!

Image result for checkers protein feed conditioner

750ml of goodness ❤


It is a lot thicker than I expected but it brings the moisture for sure 💦 💦 💦 💦 My hair felt soft and it encouraged clumping too. Plus at the price vs. the size I did not feel a spot of guilt about using as much as I wanted. I bought one bottle to try, and now I have one bottle placed everywhere I sleep over ‘for emergencies’ XD #practicalthinking #ImsorryifIboughtallofit #butImnotgivingyoumine #eventhoughIhave3bottles

I think I’m good until the end of the month now #jokes XD But these are defs steals, and I can’t be keeping this info on the down low because we all deserve to eat meat this month for a change 😆 Let us in on your favorite bargain buys in the comments, Facebook or Insta 🙂

k bye

xx Sean


What I Wish I Knew

Hello girls with the popping curls🙋

Recently I have been inundated by messages from a lot of ladies who are considering going natural, or at the very start of their journey. It’s been about 2 years since I became natural, but I can still recall that initial feeling of “dafuq do I do with my hair now?!” XD We all know where to go for answers to our questions (even the stranger ones #privatebrowsingweseeyou 👀):

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So there I was googling everything possible about natural hair, transitioning and caring for it. As you probably know by now, there is a veritable flood of blogs, YouTube channels, and webpages dedicated to this natural thing we do. For a person like me who will always be extra and do the most, I had no clue what was right so I just did everything! At this point I realize how unnecessary some of the things I did were, and some where even really bad for my hair health- I just wish I knew it back then. Therefore this one is for my newbie naturals so you do better than my fool self XD

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2017 me to 2014 me XD

  • Get off the bandwagon friend!

When I saw something that everyone had then I had to have it too. Coconut oil is one of the worst things for my hair and I know this… now 🙈 But because everyone worshiped at the shrine of the coco, I did too. For at least a year I had mad break-outs of acne and the itchiest inflamed scalp, it was horrible 💀  Only when I ran out of coconut oil and used amla oil for my wash-day instead did I realize what was going on. It’s not a bad thing to see what is the good stuff being discussed on the web- just remember to pay attention to what your hair likes first!

  • Health> Definition

Now I love me a defined curl as much as anyone else 😉 But when I first started out, it was an obsession. I would use sprays and mousses that had very drying alcohols and other crappy ingredients just to make sure my curls were properly defined. I didn’t care about the crunchiness, I’d be a bag of NikNaks if it meant having those tight tendril curls XD My hair did suffer because of it. I was not retaining any moisture which stunted growth- but best believe I was still whining about how my hair doesn’t want to grow 😐 Definition should not come at the price of healthy hair!

  • Read the damn label😂

I was so susceptible to claims of “avocado oil, citrus fruit extract, vanilla essence,etc.” on labels, it’s shameful 😶 Major plus if it had that fancy scent that lingered, ‘cos that meant the vanilla essence was working #whatevenSean #juststop. Luckily I realized my mistake about 3 months in, but not before I had wasted money on bottles of sulfates and parabens.

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When you realize there ain’t no avocado oil in that shampoo

  • Expensive≠ Good

I have wasted too much money on too many products that promised the world and just did not deliver. Some of my favorite go-to products are really cheap like bentonite clay and natural pure oils- there really is no need to splurge to have healthy natural hair 🙂 Shops like Gorimas are my favorite haunts for pure oils, and even every day things you already have can make a cheaper conditioner as good as any expensive one.

Essentially this is a very personal journey. Everyone has their own experiences and it’s important that you listen to your hair ,first and foremost. And read the damn label XD

I would love to hear what you wish you knew when you first became natural, sound off in the comments, Facebook or even Instagram 🙂

k bye

xx Sean





Design Essentials- Essential or Nah?

Hello humans still reading my rants, thanks for waking up from Christmas leftover binge-induced naps and making your way here XD In the spirit of full disclosure this post was meant to be done ages ago but ya… December 👀

So I assume we’ve all eyed out the Design Essential goodies that recently popped into Clicks stores. When I first heard I was EXCITED 🙌 AS 🙌 BALLS ⚽  See, I’m a fan of @frogirlginny (Lawd a mercy 😍) and she is a fan of the DE life. Hence when I saw it I just had to try it…

Related image

.. Until I saw the prices 😐  From R150 a product, eish dreams died that day. BUT thanks to the angels of Essence Festival, I was able to get me some freebies to try #IKRIwasdyingtoo. Now after thorough use and investigation, I can tell you exactly which products are worth the investment (because after R150, it’s not simply a price tag but a serious financial decision XD).

I received the following to try:


From the Coconut & Monoi range: Deep Moisture Masque, Deep Moisture Milk Souffle and Curl Defining Gelee

Initially I did lean heavily toward the Coconut and Monoi range which is formulated for helping moisturize dry, dull and thirsty hair. Also @frogirlginny loved it, so my fangirl came through hard. Maybe I expected my fro to magically grow to her majestic proportions after using the same products idk XD I LOVED the Deep Moisture Masque, it seriously gave my hair the business y’all. My hair usually needs heavy products, and responds really well to them especially for frizz-taming because I have a lot of that XD But for some reason, using the Souffle and Gelee together just gave me limp hair that only dried NEVER. Any attempts at diffuse drying just left me a crusty mess, and eventually I had to admit that the products were just too heavy for my hair 😦 If anyone has tried them PLEASE let me know what I’m doing wrong because the Masque is so good :’)

Verdict: Invest in the Deep Moisture Masque because it’s an excellent deep conditioner with or without heat, but maybs give the Deep Moisture Milk and Curl Defining Gelee a miss (Unless you know how to use them, then PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE I FEEL BETRAYED).

As well as:

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Curl Enhancing Mousse (with olive oil & vitamin B complex) and the Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

I chose these because I had to try the Almond & Avocado range; also I’m a leave-in conditioner hoe of note. I did not expect much because the range is more for detangling and manageability, plus the products are lighter than the Coconut and Monoi range. The leave-in is a decent one, smells really nice but there are definitely cheaper alternatives around that do the same thing. My absolute favourite product definitely has to be the Curl Enhancing Mousse! It has rave online reviews and now I’m adding to them XD IMMEDIATE curl definition that only required the smallest squirt of product, and it dried into such gorgeous volume with no crunchiness or flaking #mahheartmahsoul. It is second-day hair in a bottle ❤  #thewonderofchemistry #Iunderstanditnot #dontquestionit #justenjoy XD

Verdict: The Almond & Avo Leave-In is optional really; get it if you want to feel fancy with matching products or if someone else if paying XD but PLEASE: get you some of that Mousse girl!👐  It is a Holy Grail product for me- well worth the investment because it will not let you down for days when you NEED popping curls. With the amount needed the one bottle should last a good few months, especially if you only break it out on special occasions.


Results from this amazeballs mousse ❤

A giant thank you to the DE team for letting me live my FroGirlGinny dreams, even if it was not quite what I expected XD All of the products I tried should be available at your local Clicks stores, hopefully I have managed to narrow things down for you- unless you can afford to trial and error this stuff, then you do you girl #goals 💃

As usual don’t be shy, let me hear your side in the comments on here,FB, & Instagram. Especially if you know how to use the Coconut & Monoi leave-in products 😂

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K bye

Xx, Sean


ORS = OR-Yes?

Gurl it’s been a while, I know. But shit has been going DOWN :O Exams are like here already and I’m slowly dying all the deaths, mainly because I am Queen Procrastinator- but there will always be hurrrr getting DONE SON #priorities

Getting down to it, we’ve all been seeing the boom in the natural hair product market here in SA amirite? Last month we had like 3.125 brands to choose from and now we have like 14263736478. If you’re anything like me, the budget simply cannot keep up!


ORS is the good folk behind our favorite hair mayonnaise, y’all know the stuff we like 😉 They recently released the ORS Curls Unleashed range in SA, and were kind enough to let me try a few products out. Rest assured even though it came for dololo, I’m not going to #flattummytea you guys XD All opinions are genuine and not soeking for more freebies! #justsaying


From top: Curl Defining Creme, Intense Hair Conditioner and Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Now when a range is this pricey, I kinda sorta hope that it doesn’t work too well XD This is just so I can feel better about my cheapskate ways, and walk past a product without feeling like I’m missing out on anything good 👀  It’s just so I can have some inner peace without these products in my life y’know?

*ratchet mode activate* 👏ORS👏 done 👏 came 👏 through 👏 ! I have been struggling with dryness and frizz recently. My hair refused to clump after rinsing off the conditioner, and only LOCing was saving my hair from the desert levels of dryness I was experiencing.

The shampoo smells like a dream. Rosemary (a good one for growth #longhairdontcaregoals) and coconut blended into it gently cleanse without stripping moisture. It lathers up impressively for a sulphate-free product, a plus I was not expecting. I would fully repurchase this because let’s be real: naturals use 4 bottles of shampoo in our lifetime, so it’s worth the investment XD

Image result for it's been 84 years meme

…since I bought that big bottle of Organics shampoo in the bathroom XD

The Intense Hair Conditioner is impressive too (sorry budget). I used it as a normal rinse-out conditioner, no baggying or any heat, and my hair clumped again! 😲 After weeks of DC treatments, pre-pooing and googling till the cows came home, this was the product that got my hair back on track. Its got bootilicious texture #thicc and really brings the life back to dull strands.

The Curl Defining Creme has shea butter and honey, things our hair loves. I used it as part of my LOC method, sealing with avocado oil. I skipped the moisturizer because this claimed to moisturize as well. However the results with this method only got me until day 2 hair, so I would recommend a moisturizer first before using this one. Surprisingly it didn’t weigh my hair down despite being quite thick, and I still had decent volume 🙂


Results 🙂

I like that the containers are bigger than the usual 250ml. Given the price tag, this helps ensure we would get more bang for our buck, plus a quality product. I have a lot of hair and a heavy hand, but after 4 uses my containers haven’t even hit the halfway mark. My hair is impressed with this one-alas, my budget is not XD Oh well, who really needs to eat everyday anyway?

K bye





Review- My Natural Hair

Like any product hoe worthy of the title I routinely stalk the hair-care aisles of our local stores. Even at grocery shops you can be sure I take inventory of what they have available for hair, especially if it’s for our natural tresses XD Recently Clicks has been stocking the My Natural Hair range which is made right here in SA. I could be all preachy about #buylocal (which I do believe in just btw I’m not a monster XD), but what really sold me was the price and the ingredients.


Clicks also has introduced some very prolific international brands, but the starting price is R150 per product 😮  Went to Clicks for the 3-for-2 special but these prices are dream-killers hey XD #babeswebrokeassstudentbudget


R130 for edge control, y’all playing

It’s all great for a product to be affordable but the most important question is: “Does it ACTUALLY work?”  My first look at the ingredients was promising as there are no traces of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petroleum and mineral oil- that label was saying all the right things 😉

I was too excited to wait for washday so I tried a twist-out with damp hair and the My Natural Hair moisturizing butter. It’s got shea butter, coconut, olive, jojoba and sunflower oil which softens and (obvz) moisturizes hair. GURL- this stuff is bomb! Made the twists last 3 days before I untwisted, and it was shiny throughout that time 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised with its potency on wash and goes; it was very good for defining curls as well. With the size of the pot I thought I’d use it all up in a hot second, but a little goes a long way which is good value for money 😀

Washday finally rolled around so I could give the nourishing shampoo, hydrating conditioner and strengthening oil a try. The shampoo gently cleansed my hair, which had hella product build-up, so I really liked that. I’m useless at chemistry, so if anyone can explain how it can clean without sulphates that would be great because I’m convinced it’s magic at this point XD The conditioner has great slip for detangling and is nourishing too #getyouagirlthatcandoboth 😛 The gentle scent of aniseed is an unexpected bonus, very calming and pleasant- necessary when washday can tend to become a stressful war-zone XD


Peak war-zone stage

After I did a hot oil treatment with the oil, I used the moisturizing butter as a cream and the strengthening oil for my LOC method.



The hot oil treatment left my hair moisturized and the butter enhanced my curls without making them crunchy. I am not a cheese curl thus I am not okay with crunchy hair XD

For the price point this is one of the better natural products on the market 🙂 It’s good value for money and really does a good job taking care of natural hair #winning #lovingitnaturally #loveyournatural.

K bye

Sean xx

PS- Clearly getting this range is a good thing, so congrats to for winning herself some of this natural love! 😀 This is why you need to follow me on Instagram @seangoesnatural because sometimes I do cool things.



#TBT: It’s All Natural Social Day





Let it be known that the social day was LIT. It had the vibe of a massive family reunion, except without the family drama, like there was no aunty making comments about your “hella kroes hare”- quite the opposite. Waves, curls, kinks, coils, braids, knots, locs, it was all being celebrated 😀 It was so refreshing to see the melanin magic in full display and it just cemented what we already knew; our natural hair is a gift.

Now I could get emotional and wax lyrical for years about this, and put everyone to sleep, or I could just recap the day for those who were not able to attend. Yes, your feelings of FOMO were valid because you should have damn well attended!

Image result for fomo gif

That’s your own fault, sit down , read and be sad.

The Venue: La Bella Trattoria, Durban North

Checked all the right boxes, and Durbanites know that La Bella know their way around good food 😉

The Vibe: 8 more than 92, the vibe was 100 😀 The Facebook group is always such a positive place, and nothing had changed in reality. The hosts Maxine, Bryce, Kim and sponsor Taryn were amazing and pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone had a great time. Good music, food, free cocktails #drank and a freebie from The Perfect Hair- what more do you need?

giphy (1)maya r dance

The Theme: “A Touch Of Africa” was the theme of the day, and thanks to us natties it became more like “A(ll of the things) Touch Of Africa” XD Everyone fully embraced the theme and had African queening vibes all over the place. With all of that it was no wonder the photographer was so enamoured by a certain someone *cough cough*


The Swag: The Perfect Hair was the official sponsor for the day, graciously giving everyone a sample of their famous co-wash. (Side note: You need to try this stuff, your hair will thank you!). Founder Taryn Gill (fresh off her victory at The M-Net Shark Tank) made the case for #buylocal so well, she could have dropped the mic at the end, ain’t no thang.

Image result for mic drop meme

The Speakers: Why are there so many beautiful AND talented naturals in this world? Seriously, you guys need to pick a struggle and stop making us potatoes of the world look bad XD The poetry had #blackgirlmagic resonating in every line which put goose bumps on everyone until we all just became one giant goose bump #noseriously. No boring fancy pants speeches here, the bloggers Merlene and Sne had us in stitches relating their natural journeys. When Danielle spoke it was like chatting to a friend, who just happens to have volume for days #justsaying XD

The Perfomances: Between Jennifer taking us to church, Danielle schooling us in soul, EVO doing the beatboxing like it’s never been done before, and Kofi (“to beeee TUK TUK”) I can’t even choose :O These multitalented ones, God gave you too much XD Have a look-see at all of it here:

There was a LOT to be had here, but my favorite part was just getting to meet the wonderful people in this online community. Listening to these beautiful women, talking to them, TAKING ALL THE SELFIES, and simply being in a room full of natural hair wonder- priceless. If you were there, it was great to meet you. If I acted strange it was probably because I stalked you online and I was wondering if you could tell from my face XD If you weren’t, it’s okay- the organizers (viz. Bryce Arnold) has promised another one and we’re holding him to it 😛


CC: Bryce Arnold for that impromptu speech


DIY Deep Conditioning for the Lazy Natural

My name is Sean and I am a lazy natural. I see you YouTube girl mixing up avocado, honey, milk, chillies and the kitchen sink for that “easy” hair mask. I stopped by the avocado part because ain’t nobody got avocado money to waste like that #justsaying XD I feel you Pinterest recipe adding banana, shea butter, actual butter, molasses and the blood of a virgin. I stopped by butter because I’m more likely to get out the Marie Biscuits and maybe make me a cup of tea for dipping at that point XD

Image result for girl bye gif

Deep conditioning is essential for natural hair. Because of the pattern of our hair, sebum produced at the scalp does not easily travel down the entire length of the hair shaft which is why we need to make sure our strands get the moisture they need. Dry hair is more prone to breakage, not what you need if you’re aiming for growth and length retention.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut them deep conditioners be expensive! “:D Dr. Miracles hits us with R25 for a packetand idk about you but this fro needs more than one packet XD This is why DIY comes to the rescue and there are tons of recipes online to help a broke natural out- it’s just that most of them take so long to do D: Not to mention the hunt for ingredients, because I’ve yet to meet a human who has glycerine or placenta just chilling around the house XD

So this is what I do when I’m outta cash and low on time but my hair is crying out for help:

  • Normal conditioner, whatever you use usually. I got a bottle of Organics for R40 that I usually repurpose for this 🙂 The conditioner is mainly a creamy base so that the oil doesn’t drip all over the place.


  • Literally whatever oils you feel like throwing in XD I try to make sure I get in an oil that penetrates the cortex like coconut or avocado oil, and the rest is just whatever makes my heart happy at the time. With measurements, go with the song of your heart- nobody knows your hair better than you, so more or less depending on inclinations.


  • Not golden syrup, but honey. Trust me, this is not a mistake you want to make XD #speakingfromexperience. Honey is a humectant which attracts moisture to the hair, so don’t be shy with this one 🙂


Then you simply mix it all up in a plastic bowl and pop it into the microwave for a minute or so. It shouldn’t be too hot for you to touch though, use your discretion. The heat will open the cuticle, allowing the oils to work their magic from the inside, and you don’t have to sit under a dryer. Unless you want to, I won’t tell you how to live your life XD

A tip, detangle majorly tangled hair before applying this as it makes it easier. Comb it through with a wide tooth comb or fingers, scrunching to really get the good stuff in there. I usually sit with this applied on freshly washed hair and plastic baggied for as long as it takes to get ‘cold’ again then rinse it out. My hair comes out soft, nourished and full of moisture that I can LOC in for the week 🙂




A quick, cheap and easy way to deep condition- what’s not to love? Let me know your deep conditioning hacks, the naturals always got the keys 😉

Image result for lazy curly gif

K bye

xx Sean

PS- After LOCing the moisture in:





REVIEW-Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Range


The Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range made to cater for natural hair is soon to be hitting our shores here in SA 😀 Thanks to Beauty Bulletin and D&L, I was chucked in to review the products #dead #zerochillwasfound XD Read on, and don’t be shy to sound off about your thoughts on this new range in the comments 🙂

  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Moisture Replenishing Shampoo R34.95 (250ml)

The entire range has an amazing tropical scent reminiscent of papaya, takes you straight to the island. The only possible downside is being chased by monkeys because of it #durbanproblems. The shampoo is a good option for clarifying, and leaves hair smelling amazing. I know I said this already, but damn that smell is H E A V E N. The entire range is free of all the nasty parabens and drying alcohols that curly hair does not need, but the shampoo has sulphates. At this point I was on my knees screaming “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” to the hair deities, I feel you. I’ve only recently discovered the joys of a good co-wash and I was so loathe having to use sulphates again D: FIX THIS PLS PLS PLS TALKING TO YOU D&L

  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner R34.95 (250ml)

For a conditioner that only costs R34.95, this thing is #bomb! My hair was left super soft, even after the sulphates from the shampoo #subtlehint #downwiththesulphates.  My only complaint is that the 250ml bottle is not enough, I need more of this affordable goodness in my life. For someone with a LOT of hair this bottle may only last 2 washdays or so. Once again, the fruity scent had me on a white beach in Barbados, drinking pina colada and getting caught in the rain. It’s quite thick and I do love a conditioner that has some junk in the trunk i.e. not a runny, loser conditioner. You are a conditioner, not a detangling lotion, know your place #sorrynotsorry. However, this does both! 😮 So we can detangle and condition simultaneously? I’m so here for that 😀

dandl final results.jpg

After shampoo and condition

  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream R69.95 (250ml)

The styling products in the range have a bit of a heftier price tag. However I maintain that this range is great value for the natural on a budget. Let’s be real, a lot of natural hair products come for a pretty penny, especially if you’re looking for healthy ingredients and effective results. The D&L Au Naturale Plaiting Pudding Cream and Afro Moisturising Butter have both these things, but at a reasonable price comparatively. I have type 3B/C hair and intended to LOC using these as my L and C.

Image result for thats over thats cancelled twitter

The Plaiting Pudding Cream was so thick that even putting another product on was going to leave me looking like Severus Snape for sure. I hacked it by thinning it down to a more liquid form with water and it worked just as well as my usual R120 styling cream. It mixes well with other products, if you’re into that vibe (no white residue) and defined my curls, holding it’s own as well. I sealed with a light oil and I was good to go. This product has some serious potential as it can work for type 3 and 4 hair. The heavier texture means it won’t cause too much shrinkage, but definitely go easy if you prefer volume “:) I feel it’s important to note that I smelled exactly like a drink with a paper umbrella in the best way, which made other people feel like happy hour was closer, which made everyone happy.


After using the Plaiting Pudding Creme

It lasted quite a while, giving pretty decent second and third day hair.

  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Afro Moisturising Butter R69.95 (250ml)

I don’t often do twist outs/ braid-outs with styling creams, I prefer moisturizing when I do these even if it means some frizz. This is my new staple because it is meant for moisturizing but held my twist out with great shine and definition. I never thought my twist out could be this defined, so much winning at life- at least until I tried to separate it and frizzed it up, blame my useless styling skills XD Still, my hair was very soft and nourished 4 days after wash day, so no complaints here 🙂


Twist out before I messed with it XD

Dark & Lovely has finally given naturals a chance to eat meat again- good quality products at affordable prices (just get rid of the sulphates #oncemore #pettywap). The products in the range are versatile, and you can use them to suit your preferred routine.

k bye

Sean xx

PS-Did I mention that it smells like an island getaway? #THESMELLIJUSTCANT #SOGOOD


Scent got me like