Are You Making This Hair Mistake?

Yaaaas I know how dramatic that title sounds- but I have noticed too many of us making the same mistake on the Facebooks and Instagrams lately 👀 Sooooo of course it’s time to fix our damn lives!


Even bad hair practices they are here Mama  (consider this is your sign on how to handle these things  👐) #JuliusMalemaChallenge

Basically we all know our naturally coily kinky curly hair LOVES moisture. Water is our tight mate, and makes the texture pop- but the trouble is getting the moisture in and keeping it there 💩


Natural hair looking for moisture like

This is where the LOC method comes in. Whether you’re doing a wash and go, twirling in a two-strand twist, finessing them finger coils, doing the things that make the pots to be done etc- at end of the day, this method of layering products is the key to maintaining the moisture in your hair.

Leave-In/Liquid– this is an unskippable step in the method. Yes, you heard me: UNSKIPPABLE! You washed your hair, the water got in it, you got that moisture yaas gyal: but like, would you skip lotion after a shower?


Ashy is not a good look 😝

In the same way, our hair requires a good leave-in conditioner to stay soft and juicy. Depending on your hair texture and porosity, it can be as light or as heavy as you prefer. Thereafter you can go in with your preferred styling products to define your natural gifts in your chosen style. Whether you use it LOC or LCO, it’s clear one thing stays pretty much first!

Oil– Seals in the moisture so it doesn’t evaporate from the hair during drying.

Cream- Will define curls and coils as required, thus a styling product like a ‘curl cream’.

I am calling this out particularly, because I used to be this human while I was transitioning- I did not know the giant difference between a moisturizing product and a styling product. For example, a product I think we’ve all tried at some point is Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard. This is a product best suited to styling and defining hair. Using this alone is actually doing our kinks a disservice in the long run- not because it’s a bad product, but because it’s not made for the purpose of maintaining moisture on it’s own.

download (1).jpg

Simply using a bit of Aunt Jackie’s Quench Leave-In Conditioner before doing the Curl La La thangs made such a difference to my hair.


Yes, I like how my wash and go looks when it’s big and defined. However I won’t compromise on healthy hair just for ~lewks~. Trust fam, when your hair is healthy it really does show off and do the most anyway 😙 Do the things, and your hair will thank you 🙋

Did you make this mistake too? I’d love to hear your thoughts, hmu in the comments/Facebook/Instagram!

k bye

xx Sean



REVIEW- Caivil Naturals

Hey y’all!

As you might already know, Clicks Curls blessed me with a gigantic goodie bag filled with all the things that will tempt even the most reformed of product hoes back into her old ways.


Looking at new products like😋

So expect a lot of product reviews- and ya’ll KNOW it will always be completely honest, ‘cuz ain’t nobody got money to waste on trash products 🙅 This is what I tried this week:


My first impressions from the range were actually a pleasantly surprised sort of vibe- for the price, I really didn’t have high expectations with regard to ingredients and stuff. However the Caivil peeps seem to know their stuff (kinda sorta 😆) with the range being sulphate and paraben free.


The shampoo was great. Being sulphate-free, it didn’t foam as much as usual shampoo but its definitely soapy and cleansed my scalp and hair really well. My hair was not left dried out. I think this is because the cleanser used (brace yourself) cocoamidopropyl betaine is actually derived from coconuts- followed by glycerine, marula seed oil and other bomb thangs, it’s no wonder this shampoo is doing the most.

Okay so I didn’t get the conditioner, so I just used something I had in the bathroom and then followed up with the Marula Oil Leave In Masque to style. I applied this to my hair while it was wet. That’s totally optional btw, I just find my hair responds to stuff better this way, a tip from Cape Town Curly 😄 This was like… avvies. It did keep moisture in my hair- however I used a lot (it was like my hair kept sucking it all up 😕) and it didn’t do much in the way of defining my curls.

The Scalp Soothing & Hair Nourishing Spray I used as a sealant, spraying it on after the Leave In Masque. Peppermint and marula oil are the 6th and 7th ingredients respectively, so idk how convinced I am about the ingredients.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

After applying the goods, repping my old high school #LASEC #scienceisfun #betterscienceismorefun #srslythatswhatitsays

FINAL VERDICT: I’ll definitely be repurchasing the shampoo, because its a great quality sulphate free shampoo for a super low price. There are definitely better styling products on the market, though these are decent for just basic moisture retention purposes. If you’re a natural on a budget and who keeps her hair tied up anyway, then this is definitely a strong option. Just don’t try a twist out or some ish tho, there’s no hold here 👀

k bye

xx Sean


The Upside To Acne

Problem skin has it’s ups and downs. It’s a very bumpy road (haha geddit geddit) #badacnejoke. But speaking from experience, there are some definite things I can’t even be mad about, and I’ve only experienced them because of this nonsense skin 😂 😭:

  1. If it’s adult acne, you can usually get away with student specials because you look 19.

Kept that old student card for a reason #ThursdayNights


2. You can be sure bae likes you for more than your looks- and you know its real when they remind you to apply your spot cream.



3. Growing up with pimples makes you internally strong because kids are mean 😂


When you a late-in-life snack


4. You’re low-key an expert in skincare, even if your own skin doesn’t show it.


Coconut cleansing facewash, but coconut is the last ingredient listed gurl bye 👋

You can write a comparative thesis of Accutane, birth control and homeopathy for clearing acne. It’s also why your bathroom is basically a pharmacy.

Florence art.PNG


5. You are patient af- mainly because of all the Becky’s who keep telling you to “just drink more water”


*looks at bottle of water in hand* *looks at Becky* 👍👍👍


6. Adult acne is a great bonding activity between you and your kids.


Until they grow out of it and you’re in the struggle life alone again


7. You’re incredibly disciplined and never disrespect your skincare routine. Even if its 3am, coming back in from the club, you will be doing the things before bed.


When you’re dead but remember you forgot to tone


8. Your self-love game is 💯 because it gets tested every time another breakout happens. Ofc this is usually before some important life event, because acne is petty like that.


when you see a breakout starting vs. when you remember you still slay even with bad skin ✨✨


9. Acne makes you an amazing friend for tons of reasons- you’re clued up on skincare, & you have tons of products for them to steal (because it never worked for you) but can’t throw away because that sh*t was expensive.


Friend with ONE TINY PIMPLE: ugh my skin help pls fam


10. It taught you that parents don’t know everything: “Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it!” was your lifeline as a teen.


When you’re 20+ and wondering how long does this teenage thing last 😐


10. That feeling of accomplishment when you find something that works semi-decently and your skin behaves.


Nothing and nobody can ruin this day 😇


If you’re on the problem skin train like me, just remember its not all bad. You are more than what your epidermis decides to do that day- having acne does not make you any less brilliant as a human being. And if you don’t believe me, just ask your friends 🙆  Drop a comment if you have been through the most, or are currently fighting the good acne fight like I am 😆 I would love to hear from my fellow soldiers in the trenches how you’re managing your skin!

k bye

xx Sean




Damn, It’s Rough- The Low-Down on Dandruff

Sometimes I do some guest blogging for the squad down at the My Natural Hair HQ. Recently I did an investigation into dandruff and dry scalp (spoiler alert- they’re completely different thangs!) and I’m still getting messages asking for advice on this issue.  Have a read, and if you want to read more check out the My Natural Hair blog spot– it’s a great resource for anyone looking to get haircare advice!

We’ve all been through it- a few days away from wash day and your scalp starts that not-so-lovely little song, itching all the day long. At least when your hair is loose you can find a quiet corner (and some relief!). When you’re living that protective styling life you’re restricted to that pat manoeuvre to ease that itch.

pat yo weave.gif

Only Bey makes this look attractive

And heaven forbid you get the flakes too!  ❄❄❄❄❄ A girl will be out here just having a snow day in Africa- dandruff is very much not a winter wonderland kind of experience. Now if any of this sounds familiar, don’t even worry. Lots of naturals experience dry scalp and dandruff, and as always, MNH got your back to help calm that hair farm 🐄🐏🐃🐎🐓🐖



Okay but like, what is this even?

So dandruff and dry scalp are actually two different things #IKR #shookt 😮 😮

Dry scalp is simpler to understand: when a scalp does not have moisture and is dry (duh), it becomes itchy so you scratch at it. The scratching causes dry skin flakes to shed, which is the white dust that makes you look like you work at a cocaine den.

Dandruff is the trickier bugger. It actually is a problem when your scalp is too oily. If your scalp over-produces sebum, you then become prone to dandruff. Because there’s an excess of oil, a particular yeast-like fungus called malassezia begins to feed on the excess oil and scalp skin cells. This causes the scalp to renew more skin cells quicker than it ordinarily would. This rapid cycle makes skin cells shed quicker, and clump into the flakes we recognise as dandruff.  Dandruff is greasy, not dry. In severe cases it can have a yellowish tinge and even an odor. Smelling like a snack, I think not 👀

Ehhh. Okay but what did I do to cause it?

Dry scalp is caused by a lack of moisture. A range of things can dry out your hair and scalp, including:

  • harsh shampoo (sulphates are the devil fam 👿),
  • product build-up; and
  • bad diet choices (slow down on the caffeine ☕, dries you out like a mo-fo)

You know your hair best and what tends to make it feel dry is probably the cause of your dry scalp.

Dandruff. Oh dandruff 😨 The litany of things that can be the cause include:

  • excess fats and oils consumption – time to rethink those lunchtime slap tjips 🍟
  • hormonal imbalances, such as a new birth control pill
  • hypersensitivity towards a product; and
  • product build-up (or not shampooing enough)


Keep your weave on, dry scalp is very treatable. On second thought, don’t keep that weave on too long- Your scalp needs more than just the spray you bought in the shop to stay fresh 🙈 Regular scalp massages with oil will bring back the moisture balance. Remember to clarify your hair with a good sulphate-free shampoo. Another pro tip is to focus your product application from mid-shaft to tip, so you don’t cause product build up at the scalp. The My Natural Hair range is perfect because not only is the shampoo sulphate-free, but the entire range is silicone-free as well. Silicone is useful for taming frizz, but can only be removed with sulphates. So if you’re using products with silicone, you have to be clarifying with a mild sulphate shampoo. Otherwise you’re prone to build up and these problems.

dont nobody.gif

Trust me #thevoiceofexperience 😂 

A big DON’T is to try using oil to alleviate dandruff- excess oil is what done caused yo problems gurl! This is why it’s imperative to diagnose if you have dry scalp or if you’re plagued by dandruff; the treatments for the two are vastly different.  Dandruff requires a medicated shampoo, with antifungal properties to reduce the yeast-like fungus causing the problem. If these are too harsh for your hair, try using the medicated conditioners, which still have mild surfactants to lift dirt. More organic treatments recommend a few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo which helps restore pH balance. In severe cases its best to consult a medical professional for the best way forward.

Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp, so make sure you’re giving your scalp the attention it needs 🙂 Hopefully this cleared a few things up for you and maybe your scalp too! 🙌

jenelle monae dance.gif


k bye

xx Sean

How Not To Protective Style

Y’all. 2018 already be teaching me lessons, I’m not even playing! 😰 It’s Januworry, we all got stuff to do so I’m just gonna get into it. Simply put: your girl messed up.

Image result for messed up black twitter reactions

It’s bad. Real bad. Micheal Jackson. 

I had a camping trip planned for the end of December and I knew I didn’t want to be attempting to manage this fro in communal bathrooms- the less time spent in those, the better 💩 So a protective style seemed most appropriate. I had done box braids before and it worked out relatively well, so this time I was more confident and wanted to experiment a little. Now I want to make this perfectly clear: the technique and actual protective style itself was flawless! The hair angel Celeste Samuels of Hair Unit Durban did a stellar job with my crochet braids and I fully recommend her 100% for any natural hair styling you need 😀


I mean. They were glorious 😍

My natural hair was neatly cornrowed into 4 thick rows, and my edges respected (because that’s how Hair Unit does the tingz 👐). The pre-twisted fibre was then attached to these using a crochet hook. In less than 4 hours I was looking like a damn snack in Beyonce Blonde twists 👅

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The process


The end result 😉

A week after I went on my camping trip and that’s when the trouble started. I struggle with dry scalp so my daily scalp spritz and massage was essential to maintain a healthy scalp, especially when I’m protective styling. But because my dumb ass was on holiday, I was not as diligent as I should have been with hair care. I made the prime mistake of forgetting to care for my natural hair because the twists looked so good and that was my hair now *hangs head in eternal shame* 🙍


Being stupid af. Stupid AF. 

I know that the crochet itself wasn’t the issue because even the removal was so simple. There was no pulling, or knotting, and I barely shed any hair undoing the cornrows. Once I started washing my hair, in my eagerness to cleanse my scalp, I used a shampoo scrub and went in a little too vigorously *facepalm* My scalp was not ready for that jelly, and by the time I began detangling with conditioner, my hair was falling by clumps. Yep. CLUMPS. I scrubbed the hair right off my scalp 👀


Anyone need donations for an Afro wig?

How do I know it wasn’t the PS causing this mess? My crochet was never uncomfortably tight, or heavy. I didn’t feel any snagging- you know when that like one strand tugs on your scalp and you feel like throwing the whole head away 😆  The take-down had minimal shedding. I was irresponsible by not keeping up with my daily scalp spritz, creating an unhealthy scalp environment- little wonder that the strands were too weak to resist the harsh scrub.


So now I’m starting 2018 with half a fro 😂 And yes, it sucks balls to think of what my hair used to be. I’m just looking at it like a chance to transition again- and this time I know better than to throw cash at sulphate -filled Caucasian brands in the hopes of reviving my hair XD So Sean Goes Transitioning 2018 is a thing- who else is with me on this boat to bomb hair? 😀

k bye

xx Sean



‘Tis The Season To Be Natural!

What it do my natural beyps! 💙
It’s been a damn long while, I know! But at last the semester from hell is over and I can get back to being happy and connecting with you guys again. It’s been far too long. Blame UKZN. No lie, it tried it’s best to kill me this year 👀

Tfw when uni is over but you’re still alive XD

Okay so this blog is to tell you about all the natural hair events happening #KeDezemba 🙌 The South African curlies are being blessed with these amazing natural hair events- can I get a damn amen?! Seriously, the organisers of each are pulling out all the stops to make these jols *white guy voice* fokken kiff bru 👌

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Yes you read right, Durban is actually doing a thing 😮 Led by the talented Celeste Samuels (and I mean talented, she can do things to hair I’ve never even imagined🔥) who also owns the Hair Unit natural hair salon, a Naturals Pool Party is coming your way. I mean, it’s only right that Durban rub our amazing weather in the face of the rest of the country- to make up for the humidity that ruins good hair days XD  Come through with that natural glow and swim without worries of mincing that GHD do 🌚 #noshade #justsayingnje #naturalgehlscanswim #essentiallywearemermaids
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: 43 Assembly Road, The Bluff
Time: 13:00- 20:00
Damage: R150 pp
Goodie bag: HELLS YES!
Tickets @: 081 477 9989 (Celeste Samuels)



Of course our inland girls aren’t sleeping either 💅Make your way to the Natural Hair Meet & Greet and get turnt on natural hair chat. Hosted by Nica (@naturally_nica) & Bianca (@BieWendyGallardo) you know this one is gonna be lit 🔥
Date: 16 December 2017
Venue: Union Building, Pretoria
Time: 11:00- 14:00
Damage: Dololo mogehl, just go for free 😀
Goodie bag: Nah, but vendors are there and giveaways will be a haps 😉
Tickets @: Just come through, no ticket needed!




But Cape Town, do you guys ever even sleep?It’s just one fire event after the next!  The second annual Cape Town Naturally Hair Fest is gonna be the event of the year, and a little birdy told me it’s gonna be bigger and better than the last one 😉
Organized by the tour de force team behind the Cape Town Naturally Support Group, it’s a celebration of all things natural hair- plus you get to party with the Ayatolla of Naturolla (#terriblepunsareback) Amanda aka Cape Town Curly! 💃
Date: 17 December 2017
Venue: Canvas Event Space
Time: 11:00- 17:00
Damage: R85 standard, R120 spayshal edition
Goodie bag: I Cantu emphasize enough how bomb this swag bag is gonna be!
There you have it, the naturalista’s gig guide for the best December your fro will ever have 👆  If you’re attending any of these, let us know what you’re most amped for in the comments (you know I can’t resist when you girls talk hair with me 😋)
Also keep an eye out on the Sean Goes Natural media pages- a young giveaway is brewing for my fellow likers of free things *cough* Cape Town, I’m talking to you *cough cough* 😉
k bye
xx Sean


I know, I know. Shock horror gasp, Sean is posting again, how is this happening? 😯  I admit, UKZN is showing me flames this semester and the blog has been abandoned for this time of roasting.

Image result for fiyah gif


But like Lil’ Kim done said, you can’t keep a good girl down 👐 So this is your SGNxUmera update at bloody last! Actually this really worked out well, because the reason I started the challenge was due to stress-induced hair loss. Now that I have gone through another period of intense stress (think 3-hours-of-sleep-a-night-for-3-weeks type stress XD), I can make a better comparison about how my hair fared during these times.

I discovered the magic of castor oil when I started breaking out from using coconut oil. I needed a penetrating oil, minus the pimples 😦 JBCO came to to the rescue, making my hair and skin happy. I don’t really know why I stopped using it, because a few weeks after my hair started abandoning ship 😬 I knew I needed to get back on that castor oil train QUICK XD  When I started the challenge, I reshaped my fro so it was hella short! On the plus side I realised the cut gave me the volume I desperately needed, because my hair had thinned out so much #TipOfTheDay.


The reshaped struggle fro, nostrils flourishing XD

Because I was on vacation, I did the absolute most with the Umera Jamaican Black Castor Oil- deep conditioning with it, nightly scalp massages, protective styles, it was all done son 😎 The fact that it’s an oil makes it so versatile in your regimen- from deep conditioning to detangling, this oil does the things guys!

I have low porosity hair, so I always spritzed my hair with warm water before applying the oil for styling. This helped it penetrate my stubborn fro- and boy did it!

The pictures above were taken a few weeks ago, in the middle of the stress nightmare that is this semester. Usually my hair would be shedding like a beast at this point, but the fro is maintaining its density and length. But don’t just take my word for it- I get that everyone’s hair doesn’t respond the same way to every product. So this week I will upload pictures and reviews from 3 beauts who have also been trying this oil- everything from hair type, porosity, how they used it, how it worked, did it slide them into DMs, the usual 😆 So keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram for those helpful mini-reviews (and perhaps even win some for yourself?)


*MTV Cribs voice* “This is where the magic happens”

k bye

xx Sean


Fro Fiesta Feels

Okay so if you’re not part of the It’s All Natural Facebook group then you need to go there first so you fully understand why this post is as overexcited as a basic girl in a Starbucks!

Have you joined? Okay cool, let’s continue😄

The group, created by the brother and sister natural hair fairy godparents Bryce and Maxine Arnold, is a one-stop shop for all your natural hair needs. Detangling, breakage, transitioning, deep conditioning, THEY 👐 GOTCHU 👐 FAM 👐 Safe to say, I spend a lot of time on there and have made internet curlfriends with so many of the gorgeous members. That is why when Maxine announced that the Fro Fiesta Natural Hair Meet-Up was happening, I was all in my feels!

Related image

Actual footage of me running to get tickets

It was held at a fancy shmancy hotel on the beachfront, which was great because the humidity meant my hair would actually have volume for a change. Yes, all venues are judged according to how my hair will look there, its a natural girl thing 👸

This year there was a mini-market in addition to the inspiring frogram (see what I did there XD). Obviously I am now broke, but my fro is fleeking from all the products I bought so I’d say its a fair trade #priorities #frobeforefood 😆  Things purchased aside, the goodie bag was a highlight of NOTE 😀 ❤


Look at all these bomb goodies #ICantuDeal ❤

Local was proudly supported with everyone from The Perfect Hair to TRU: The Pop-Up being there giving the naturals some goodness. The frogram was flames, and nobody could claim boredom with all the talent on show! Celeste the vocalist had me singing Corinne Bailey Rae long after the event had ended (apologies to my housemates XD)

jenelle monae dance.gif

Literally everyone that day XD

Okay so I’m going to stop yammering about this and just let the pictures speak for themselves! Once again, It’s All Natural has made us all awkward by actually bringing us all in the same room and having to remember not to call people by their full Facebook name XD #JOKES It was another amazing day of meeting natural sisters and celebrating our natural hair together ❤

Check out my Facebook page for all the pictures from the day 🙂 Don’t be shy, send me pictures if you want me to add to the album!

k bye

Sean xx

PS- I think the following picture accurately describes the entire day 😀


And the church of naturals says “amen” 😛

Hello Hairfall My Old Friend

Soooooooooo recently I posted about how I’ve been experiencing shedding. Guys, I’m not even kidding I’m outchea shedding hair like that one dog that always jumps on you at your aunties house 😭 I tried a DIY concoction of black tea and aloe juice, which definitely alleviated it but the hair loss is still real in these streets (And sheets. And shower. And kitchen. My housemates all secretly hate me now 😆)

Image result for hair in the shower meme

Consider this my public apology 😛

It’s normal to lose around 100-300 hairs per day, so you should expect some shedding on washdays. But I’ve seen a drastic decrease in my hair density, which is scary as balls. I feel like only just transitioned out of my Gollum hair phase, and I am not ready to go back 😦


Look at all 15 strands of hair on my head

Looking back at my hair history, I realized winter is the worst for my hair! ‘Tis the season to be shedding XD So if you’re like me and missed the braiding bus (I left Durban before my braidist could wrap me up for winter, and I trust nobody else with my hair), then let us be true to form and board the #teamlazynatural train to winter-fy our hair 😉

This is my plan of action:

SATURDAY: Washday to clarify scalp and deep condition hair. While its damp (not wet, ‘cos pneumonia is real in these streets) I massage generously with oil and plait neatly.

SUNDAY-FRIDAY: Re-plait as needed, which for me is twice in the week, and ensuring hair is gently detangled- use a spray bottle to dampen the hair- and ends well coated with oil.

I find that oil absorbs much better when applied to hair that is slightly damp. My oil of choice is Umera Jamaican Black Castor Oil, keep an eye out on my pages to see how well it does 🙂 Minimal manipulation is the key to this working well, as well as tucking the ends away from the winter chill.

Image result for umera jamaican black castor oil

My bae for winter ❤


This is the lazy girls natural hair challenge, and I’d love for you to join me on the road to a healthy and happy fro 😀 Use #SGNxUmeraWinterHairCare to participate on the gram and FB so we can share our secrets to fight winter hair damage!

k bye

xx Sean