The Tea About The Pill

Heyyyyyyyyyy guys

Yes it’s been forever and a day. Life is hard, I’m suffering through adulting pls help 🤐 😂 But I am back to share news from the outside world with my fellow strugglers in the skin life!


Welp just the ladies this time, soz guys

We all know the different treatment options available from Roaccutane to retinoids, and I have tried the lot of them- except birth control. There was a stigma associated with them because of the community I grew up in. I was honestly scandalized when I first heard my friends at uni discussing it #JustSmallTownThings 😅 Now that the concept of birth control scares me less, I decided to give it a go based on recommendations from a few girlfriends.

After consulting with a doctor and answering some awkward questions (“how sexually active are we talking here, like third base?” 🤔) I was prescribed YazPlus to try and even out my hormones- apparently that’s why my skin never listened to topical treatments for very long, the issue was internal 🙄  So did going on the pill change my life?


 F A C T S

  1. My skin done cleared!

I’m not even gonna type anything, just have this picture:


I. Cannot. Even. 

I do get a mild pimple now and then, because PMS is generous like that, but its nowhere close to what used to happen when I’d breakout.

2. My cycle is predictable af


No more nights spent wondering how to tell my parents I got pregnant after making out with a boy, I appreciate this new peace of mind😂

3. My period is super light and cramping is minimal


Yes, you read that right!

(Still not gonna exercise while I’m on my period tho, get out of here with that overachiever lifestyle 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️)

4) Side effects have been minimal

I was super stressed about bloating, mood swings and other infamous side effects of birth control. It’s been a few months and all I can really report is that I get one day of absolutely excessive emotion (like bawling in the car because your housemate ate the last yogurt two days ago and you feel unappreciated because you always have to buy the damn yogurt #TrueStory). But after that day is done (usually the first day of my period), sanity returns and all is well again XD

5) It’s expensive 💸 💸 💸 💸

It sets me back about R200 a month 🙃  Which sucks- but for a while I avoided dairy and processed food to help my skin. It did help my skin, but it also severely limited my food options given my student budget #AlmondMilkPricesMustFall 💩 The pill is a better fit for my current lifestyle and is kinder on my pocket.


And still worth the blind panic when you realize you forgot to take it today 😆

Overall I’m definitely happy with my choice to go on the pill and I’m living for this newfound skin freedom 🙋🏽 Let me know if you are on any hormonal treatment for your skin, or would you ever consider it? I’d love to hear about your experiences 🙂

k bye

xx Sean

PS- Always consult a medical professional before going on any prescription medications!👩‍⚕️






  1. Lauren · August 22

    I love your humour! Such a fun read

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peronia · October 15

    How long after using the pill did you start seeing changes? I’ve been on YazPlus for about a month now and gynea put me on the pill for the fact that I always feel like dying when on my period, but little does he know I’ve been reading up on this pill for bout a year now, and sooo he did my acne face a favor mahn! Anyway a friend told me last week your skin looks good what’s up and I replied “voorbehoed” and well he thought I was making a joke… anyway I need to know how long I need to wait? Lol oooh I’m anxious, I wanna be all pimple free…. and I know everyone is not the same, but I woulld love to know how long after using it did you sre changes.


    • seangoesnatural · October 15

      HAHA girl you done made my day this was hilarious 😂🙌 Love your vaarb ❤ The pill took effect like maybe 2,5 months in I was pimple free. I only ever get one or two pimples during that time of the month and they’re nothing too serious. I’m a fan of the Yaz it just does the thangs!


  3. Siphosetu · November 5

    I enjoy reading your posts. they are fun! 😂


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