What Do You Zinc?

Happy long weekend famso!



* collective dramatic gasp*

It’s a skincare vibe- because I do have skin, and it does the worst things sometimes 😐 From what I understand about my skin it’s very oily. Left unchecked, I can wake up to new whiteheads every day #tmi #sorrynotsorry. I’ve heard that people with oily skin actually age ‘better’- like we don’t get wrinkled as much? I cannot confirm this- but I won’t be surprised if my petty skin stay petty by making me a raisin when I’m 30 😴


If my skin was personified #pettyaf

Another thing I know about my skin is that my breakouts are stress and hormonal-based. So if someone wants to make me a kept woman who does yoga and brunches with Karen, my skin would be HELLA clear 😂 Unfortunately my life as an independent woman who don’t need no man is stressful and my skin shows it!


My skin whenever attempts are made to clear it  😑

Now I have experimented in the name of skin since them teenage days. From toothpaste to baking soda, your girl has tried the things 🔬 Because of a massive stress breakout last December, I hopped aboard the zinc train after a friend recommended it to me. I took this everyday at 9am (because, extra💁) for 100 days.



Final Verdict: It was NOT an overnight, miracle cure, let’s not sell dreams here. But I did notice a big reduction in those tiny pimples, the ones that resemble heat rash? Those were all over my forehead, and they haven’t really been an issue since I started taking this. Alas, around shark week 🐬🐬🐬 (no shark emoji lol) I still broke out quite badly.


BEFORE: (A young Steve for comparison 💩)


AFTER: (Young momma for scale 🙌)

I think it really also helped to reduce the scarring left by breakouts. Plus, the brand I took comes with extra vitamin C for spice and I really can feel a difference in my recovery times from colds. So I will continue to take the supplement, but not with the intention of perfect skin (unfortunately) 😫.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried to clear your skin? 😅

xx Sean



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