Pouring The Tea ☕🐸

For 2017 my hair goal was to AVOID THE SCISSORS. I am Sean Scissorhands and have not been able to stand my hair growing past shoulder length for literally all my life.  The way wet hair feels on my body 😑 – and as we naturals know, drying takes for bloody ever, and hours of damp strands touching my body is just not a life I can live.


Me too Bey, me too.

But a promise is a promise and I have not touched the scissors since September 2016. Now that my hair is getting longer, the tangles have increased too. Even with the most meticulous pre-poo detangling session, as soon as I rinse out the shampoo they’re back and I need to detangle all over again. Needless to say, I lost a crap ton of hair with all of this detangling, so something definitely needed to change. The yellow root bulb was very visible (yes I examined that gross hairball don’t judge me XD) so it was shedding and not breakage that was the issue.

The hair goddesses of YouTube were called upon to show me the light and Naptural85 (#ALLTHEHAIRGOALS!!) educated me on tea rinsing to alleviate hair shedding. I also decided to eliminate shampoo from my washday completely, instead using a dilute solution of aloe juice and apple cider vinegar to cleanse my scalp and hair.

Image result for natures choice aloe juice

Image result for natures choice acv

Eyeball a few tablespoons of each into a 500ml bottle and fill the rest with water 🙂

Washday went something like this:

  • Wet hair in shower. Slowly pour ACV+Aloe mixture onto scalp and massage to help lift build up and general dirt. Squeeze onto hair shaft to clarify any product build-up.
  • Rinse with warm water. Using the same method, pour 500ml of cooled black tea concentrating on the scalp.
  • The tea rinse is drying on the hair strands, so the next step is to deep condition. My current DC is the Curls Unleashed Sage & Kiwi Intense Hair Conditioner.
  • LOC in the moisture and style as desired 🙂

Three weeks in and I am already seeing a major difference! The shedding is much less, even during the detangling process. I wish I could say I have no more tangles but we all live the curl life and that’s just a lie XD But once I pre-poo and detangle my hair does not get knotted up after I ‘shampoo’ with the aloe and ACV mixture. This and the black tea has really helped me and hopefully it can help other naturals too ❤

I would love to know if there are any other natties that have eschewed conventional shampoo and are DIYing instead, sound off in the comments you saucy mixtresses 😉

As always my DMs are always open for hair chat on Insta and FB 🙂

k bye

Sean xx






  1. whitneyjoh · April 19, 2017

    Hi Sean,

    Great post as always. I’ve recently started washing my hair in twists. Or rather, I detangle sections and then twist each section. Then when i wash, I’ll undo a twist, wash it, and then retwist. I found that this helped reduced the re-tangling drastically.

    Liked by 1 person

    • seangoesnatural · April 20, 2017

      Hi & thank you kind human 😀 This is defs a tip I hadn’t known before, going to try this weekend!


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