REVIEW- The Perfect Hair


Hello fellow naturals 😀 Recently I was sent a sample of The Perfect Hair products, specifically from The Perfect Curl range to try 🙂 The Perfect Hair is an SA brand founded by Taryn Gill and caters for wavy, curly and coily hair types.


Looking (and smelling) good enough to eat XD

Obviously no chill was to be found once I heard I would be getting me some of that, but I forcibly restrained myself until my usual washday so that the review would be as fair as possible XD I must say 5 days never took so long, especially coming home to this sexy twosome every day! In the spirit of total honesty (which is what this blog does all day err’day) I will admit to smelling and playing with the products A LOT leading up to washday XD They smell similar, very earthy but not in the “I really hope I don’t end up smelling like this” way.

Confession time: I have never used a co-wash! I’ve always been hesitant about it; blame my OCD tendencies for the need to see foam on washday. Soap=Clean amirite? I always assumed that with the amount of product build-up I get after a week, I need sulphates to cleanse my scalp. While using the Perfect Co-Wash I was rubbing my scalp, waiting for suds.. and waiting… and still waiting.. but #dololo XD I kept checking the bottle to see if I hadn’t mixed it up with a leave-in or something, it was the weirdest #fo’real

Image result for waiting reaction gif

Hold on while I finish my slice of humble pie because I had it all wrong! After using this, my hair was clean yet not dry like it usually feels after using normal shampoo. It really delivers on its promises: Cleanse and Condition 🙂 The SECOND ingredient listed after water is coconut oil- that is the level of natural this stuff is at yo #thecoco #plusthatothergoodgood.

Image result for black reaction gif

The co-wash did change my washday regime forever and the product is excellent. However the glass jars guys… I am such a klutz, bringing it into the shower just seemed like taking hella chances XD They do look very ~hipster chic~ though, so unless you’re chronically prone to breaking things, you should love them 🙂

So here I was thinking that our good Dr Miracles CurlCare was the be all and end all for curl styling. A bottle of his CurlCare leave-in plus some Aunt Jackies Flaxseed Gel and I am good to go #curlspopping #definitionalldayson. I never did realise how much product I used before I tried the Perfect Curl Style leave-in. It has amazing slip, and a little goes a LONG way #win. It does not weigh curls down, and holds its own during the diffusing process. This was the ultimate test for me as even Dr M is useless on its own against the diffuser. An even bigger plus was that I could use a light sealing oil because of all the natural oils already in the product. I’m pretty sure you can even skip the oil sealing step particularly if you have finer hair with a looser curl pattern.

The results:



I did notice that the shrinkage is real with this one ‘:) Personally I prefer the volume and shape over length, so I was fine with it, but I know the naturals with their length obsession #youguys #bslandstuff In any case my curls did elongate after the first day just from pine-apple-ing overnight, so perhaps the styling method makes a difference too.

The Perfect Curl seriously is an aptly named product. I am a cheapskate of note guys, so when I say that I am willing to pay, then you must know it’s Q U A L I T Y. I loved that I really did not use as much product as I usually have to #thickhairdontcare #docareactually #cosproductsareexpensive XD Refreshing curls the following days didn’t even need much either, just steam from the shower and a little water on the ends. It’s very cool that you’re nourishing your hair every single step of the washday, and even the styling product has curl-nurturing ingredients ❤

Much like Wayde in Rio, this one is definitely a winner 🙂 Both products are R150 each and can be ordered online here.

k bye

Sean xx


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