Sean goes protective styling

First off, major apologies for not posting due to vac work issues! It was too cold to type in Krugersdorp XD Now for le post!

Most naturals reach that point in their journey when the ol’ wash-&-go just isn’t doing it anymore. No hate, the LOC method is bae and all, but sometimes a girl just wants to wake up and not have to go through all the de-pineappling, refreshing, scrunching and praying the curly girl “please Jesus, let it do something bomb today” prayer. I love spending time on these curls but sometimes it gets hectic . i.e. I get totes lazy #sorrynotsorry #imyoung

I reached said point in June 2016, and decided to go through with the box braids I had been mulling over for the longest time. I wanted a way to protect my hair from the harsh drying Ladysmith winters that was not the LOC method. I insist on air drying, so running the risk of pneumonia each wash day #nahfam #notaboutthatlife. After some online research -and finding out about traction alopecia, can we just have a moment of silence for the snatched edges #naomicampbellweprayforyou- I realised I needed to find a braidist who understood the natural journey. By insta-stalking (thanks @amyleigh_44 😉 ), I found Chibwe Akombelwa aka God’s gift to the protective styling naturalista. 



7 hours and 9 packs of Yaki braid later XD


Those two weeks… They were glorious. I was on my #longhairdontcare vibe, and every morning I actually could say #iwokeuplikethis 😀 All I did each morning was spray my hair and scalp with a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar, water and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and I was good to go for the day 🙂 My scalp was very itchy, but after the morning sprays it cooled down. Now if everything was going so well, why did it last only two weeks? The DIY spray made my hair grow like grass! Baby hairs were everywherrrrre, and no edge control in existence was up to the challenge. Being me, I thought co-washing the braids might help #idk #justbecause, and that just made my natural hair curl up and frizz in majestic ways beneath the braids. Thus, down they came 😦



3 people and 2 hours were required #goodbyemylover #goodbymyfriend #youhavebeentheone #yuhavebeentheoneforme


After take-down, I coated my hair in Amla oil and at long last massaged my scalp :’D              It was when washing my hair that the shedding really happened. It was basically what you would expect to see after 2 weeks of not detangling XD I used a deep conditioner in lieu of normal conditioner, figuring my strands needed the extra love.


#bae ❤


After LOCing the moisture in 🙂

·         Looks bomb af ·         Incredibly heavy initially
·         Less maintenance than wash-&-gos ·         Itchy scalp requires daily ACV+JBCO spray
·         Versatile styling, high buns or fancy plaits to suit any mood ·         Tying it up to sleep at night = achy neck
·         Actually protects hair, and saw 2cm of new growth in 2 weeks ·         Doesn’t look too neat after washing

FINAL VERDICT: Go for it- but only if your braidist is willing to respect your natural hair. A protective style is only as good as the stylist 🙂

As always I’m up for questions, comments and any feedback from you peoples 😀 How did protective styling work for you this winter?

k bye

Sean xx

PS- If you want to locate the stylist of life, she’s based in Durban 🙂






  1. Ndapewa · July 12, 2016

    Great post! Box braids are my go to protective style, because I’m a lazy natiural 😉 I’ve had to co-wash weekly because my scalp doesn’t like winter, which makes the braid frizzy so I had to redo the front. Like you I don’t do edge control baby hairs can do as they please 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • seangoesnatural · July 13, 2016


      Yep box braids are my new go to when I’m feeling lazier than usual XD
      Thanks for commenting 🙂



  2. louwmarlene08 · July 14, 2016

    I prefer the twists. I didn’t do it this winter I can’t stand the itching must be the type of hair I used. Let me know the hair stylist who did your hair I’m in Durban. Great blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    • seangoesnatural · July 15, 2016

      Hi 🙂

      The itch was bad for me too, until ACV rescued me “:) If it’s the hair fibre, try rinsing it before use? Chibwe Akombelwa did my braids, I highly recommend her for naturals 🙂 You can contact her through any of her social media, I’ve linked them in the blog 🙂

      Thanks for reading 😀


  3. naturalkinks1on1 · August 4, 2016

    I agree. Sometimes you just don’t want to go through the hassle of having to handle your hair plus i am also lazy sometimes and i have very thick hair it take a long time to do anything with it lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. antwat · October 6, 2016

    Hi Sean, would you recommend the apple cider vinegar concoction to assist with hair growth? What are the quantities when mixing this. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    • seangoesnatural · October 6, 2016

      Hi 🙂

      Honestly apart from PS, I’ve only ever used ACV as a rinse between shampoo and conditioner so I’m not sure how it would work out if it wasn’t rinsed out on hair that’s not in a PS. Maybe try it as a scalp spray only? That’s basically how I used it and it seriously grew my hair during the PS period. I diluted 1 part ACV, 7 parts water and a lot of JBCO “:D I can’t remember how much JBCO specifically now, but I remember it was quite a lot because I was afraid of my hair drying out in the braids. Hope this helps 🙂


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